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Ive actually done hypoxi 3 times now, first time I lost a cricumfrance total of 36cm and weight loss of 4 kg, the second time I lost a circumfrance total of 28cm and a weightloss of 2.5 kg. I swear by it , Hypoxi has been the only weightloss method that has worked for me to date.

Sat Sep 17 02:45:20 UTC 2011

Klaus D. Beccu wrote:

Ti-Ni-X alloy for reversible electrochemical high energy density storage

The authors hopefully did not ignore that the innovative energy storage system NiMH operating since many years at high reliability and safety in 2.3 mio electric hybrid vehicles is based on a special alloy combination of Ti2Ni-TiNi-X metalhydride (X = additon of Mn, V, Zr, Cr and other metals). These alloys have a unique electrochemical reversibility enabling high density storage of atomic Hydrogen and destorage at ambient, low and high temperature up to 380 Ah/kg alloy. The invention of these alloys goes back to 1967 at the Battelle Geneva Research Center developed for Daimler-Benz and VW over 20 years (Swiss, German & US Patents granted - US.3,669,745 ). Additional metal alloy structures & compositions were introduced by the US company Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. [ECD], Auburn Hills, Mi.: US. 5,536,591; US. 6,740,448 B2 + many other patents to produce, commercialize and license the NiMH energy storage technology to 35 companies worldwide. Currently, Toyota (the leader in hybrid vehicle technology: PRIUS, LEXUS), Honda: CIVIC, Ford: FUSION, VW TOUAREG, BMW: X6, Porsche: CAYENNE, PANAMERA - all use this safe energy storage technology, the cost of which is only 1/3 of Li-ion. In the 2nd generation NiMH has reached comparable energy density as Li-ion (120 Wh/kg) and the further development to the MH-Air/O2 system ("Proton-Ion") will depass the 200 Wh/kg. Toyota recently indicated to use NiMH batteries in their hybrid vehicles still for another decade, for this application Li-ion cannot compete. More info at kdb196geneva@sunrise.ch (Klaus D. Beccu, Ph.D.)

Thu Sep 15 22:20:55 UTC 2011

Roy Alexander wrote:

Visualizing the Element Relationships

Alexandre-Emile Béguyer de Chancourtois visualized element data as arranged in a continuum later referred to as Mendeleev's line - N+1, with the groups defined by vertical proximity in the 2-period long circumference of his 'Screw'. Convenience became convention after Mendeleev, and the overwhelming number of future tables are flat. George Gamow (modern Big Bang; physicist; predictor of black body radiation of the universe), in his 1961 'the Atom and its Nucleus', integrated the elements discovered since that first of the truly 'periodic' tables into a form which he used as an illustration. (http://www.allperiodictables.com/ClientPages/AAEpages/DTOutBackInvent.html) It is almost precisely the same as a '65 design by myself, patented in '71, and produced for classroom use in '95 as the Alexander Arrangement of Elements. The Gamow illustration is clearly intended for a patent application, which was apparently not awarded to him. Does anyone know about the reason for this?

Thu Sep 15 19:09:15 UTC 2011

Katherine Wilkinson wrote:

Polymorphisms in the toll‐like receptor 9 gene associated with sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction after major blunt trauma - Your View


We would like to thank Dr. Zhao and colleagues for their comments.

With the development of trauma emergency systems, improved resuscitation, and organ system support, increased number of patients survive after severe trauma, but they are often suffer from additional life threatening complications, which include nosocomial infection (sepsis) and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS)(1). These complications are not only costly, but also the main cause of late death and disability. Although much is known about the pathophysiology of post-traumatic sepsis and MODS, there have been no effective therapies for the treatment of these complications to date. Therefore, preventing sepsis and MODS is crucial in the treatment of surviving patients with major trauma. It has been demonstrated that post-traumatic inappropriate immune inflammatory response is responsible for the development of sepsis and MODS in major trauma patients (2). Increasing evidence has indicated that genetic variants of the important genes involving in immune inflammatory response are critical determinants for inter-individual differences in both inflammatory responses and clinical outcome in trauma patients (3). Delineating the variation in genes and associated differences in response to trauma might contribute to the development of new genetically tailored diagnostic and therapeutic interventions that will improve outcome in the patients with major trauma.

Zhao et al raised good points for further research work concerning the functionality of the genetic variants. Both rs187084 and rs352162 are located in the 5’ -flanking and 3’ -flanking regions of the TLR9 gene. In vitro cell models transfected with different alleles of the TLR9 gene might be used to examine the possible effect of the two gene polymorphisms on cytokine production, which might provide convincing evidence for functional significance of these two gene polymorphisms.

J.-X. Jiang
State Key Laboratory of Trauma, Burns and Combined Injury, Institute of Surgery Research, Chongqing, China


1. Jiang JX, Li L. Advances in war wound/ trauma and their prospects. Med J Chin PLA 2010;35: 781-784.

2. Gustot T. Multiple organ failure in sepsis: prognosis and role of systemic inflammatory response. Curr Opin Crit Care 2011;17: 153-159.

3. Gu W, Jiang JX. Genetic Polymorphisms and Posttraumatic Complications. Comp Funct Genom. Volume 2010, Article ID 814086, 7 pages.

Thu Sep 15 11:32:38 UTC 2011

$result.creatorName wrote:


there is a significant 'accounting' issue here too:-

I am not 'physically' fit for work but I am 'a principle in business' ie I am 'self employed' so 'in charge' (this arrangement is financially far more sensible for me than claiming ESA (which has entirely silly criteria for a small reward)).

There are probably many others like me who might be condemmed as 'fakers' by idiots like the Daily Express

Thu Sep 15 06:04:48 UTC 2011

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