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Major Chemistry Publishers Require ORCID IDs for Authors

Author: (The ORCID logo is a trademark of ORCID, Inc.)

28 November 2016 – Major publishers have committed to requiring ORCID iDs in the publishing process for their journals

Major Chemistry Publishers Require ORCID IDs for Authors

News Articles

1st President of the German Chemical Society


22 February 2017 – GDCh Fact of the Month (2)

thumbnail image: 1st President of the German Chemical Society

Structure of Apple Allergen Identified


18 February 2017 – Basis for understanding cross-reactivity between birch pollen and apple allergens

thumbnail image: Structure of Apple Allergen Identified

Motor Proteine Changes Direction

Author: Marek Czykanski (Image: Kuo-Fu Tseng, Oregon State University)

09 January 2017 – Insights into cellular machinery that animal and fungi cells use to ensure normal cell division

thumbnail image: Motor Proteine Changes Direction

Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Nanoemulsions


04 January 2017 – To what extend can nanoparticles be delivered through the nose-to-brain pathway, a shortcut for direct drug delivery to the brain

thumbnail image: Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Nanoemulsions

Happy New Year


01 January 2017 – We wish you all the best for a peaceful, healthy and successful 2017

thumbnail image: Happy New Year

Better Biomachining

Author: Lisa-Marie Rauschendorfer

30 December 2016 – Processing metal with bacteria improved by making the bacteria reusable and recovering metals

thumbnail image: Better Biomachining

Chemistry Advent Calendar 2016


24 December 2016 – Check today's flask for the next chemistry highlight - the last for this year

thumbnail image: Chemistry Advent Calendar 2016

A Step Closer Toward Bioplastic


05 December 2016 – Structure of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) synthase and molecular mechanisms of the PHA biosynthesis described

thumbnail image: A Step Closer Toward Bioplastic

Searching for Christmas Presents?


01 December 2016 – Editors recommend science-themed holiday gift ideas

thumbnail image: Searching for Christmas Presents?

Synthesizing Selenoproteins


29 November 2016 – First total chemical synthesis of two human selenoproteins

thumbnail image: Synthesizing Selenoproteins

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