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Better Feedstock for Biodiesel

Author: Costas Agalou

25 April 2016 – Genetically modified sugarcane could yield more economical and sustainable biodiesel than soybean

thumbnail image: Better Feedstock for Biodiesel

Building Blocks of Life from Space


08 April 2016 – Ribose, a component of RNA, found in detailed analysis of artificial comet

thumbnail image: Building Blocks of Life from Space

Science4Life – Competition for Start-ups


24 March 2016 – Largest German business plan competition for life sciences and chemistry technology invites entrepreneurs

thumbnail image: Science4Life – Competition for Start-ups

Structural Insights into Sleep Regulation

Author: Adrian Neal

24 March 2016 – Crystal structures of orexin receptors reveal new information on their activation by small-molecule ligands

thumbnail image: Structural Insights into Sleep Regulation

Flavonoids as Dopaminergic Neuromodulators

Author: Lisa-Marie Rauschendorfer

14 March 2016 – Characterization and evaluation of the effect of different flavonoids on the organic cation uptake in neuronal cells

thumbnail image: Flavonoids as Dopaminergic Neuromodulators

Bacterium Degrades PET

Author: Marek Czykanski

11 March 2016 – Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6 effectively converts polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to carbon dioxide

thumbnail image: Bacterium Degrades PET

Double Helixes Make Strong Scaffolds

Author: Nancy McGuire

02 March 2016 – DNA origami forms strong, lightweight trusses that could make scaffolding for nanoparticle arrays

thumbnail image: Double Helixes Make Strong Scaffolds

Polyester Synthesis for Tissue Repair

Author: Costas Agalou

06 February 2016 – Novel polyester scaffolds for skin and wound healing synthesized from sugarcane

thumbnail image: Polyester Synthesis for Tissue Repair

Squeeze a Cell to See It

Author: Adrian Neal

04 February 2016 – Microfluidic squeezing of living cells allows intracellular specific labeling and visualization of proteins

thumbnail image: Squeeze a Cell to See It

Fluorophores Moonlighting as Antibiotics

Author: Adrian Neal

02 February 2016 – A BODIPY fluorescent dye with antibiotic activity against drug-resistant bacteria

thumbnail image: Fluorophores Moonlighting as Antibiotics

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