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Death by Peroxide for Cancer Cells

Author: Adrian Neal

01 February 2016 – Five-membered ring organic peroxide is cytotoxic to cancer cells by ferroptosis, not apoptosis

thumbnail image: Death by Peroxide for Cancer Cells

Nondestructive Virus Detection

Author: Marek Czykanski

31 January 2016 – Nanohole fibers made of quartz glass permit nondestructive detection of viruses

thumbnail image: Nondestructive Virus Detection

Indian Remedy Turns Out to be Germ Killer

Author: Veronika Belusa

30 January 2016 – Canadian clay kills multiresistant bacteria

thumbnail image: Indian Remedy Turns Out to be Germ Killer

Solar Cell Material Finds Use in Biomedical Studies

Author: Jenna Pope

28 January 2016 – PEDOT nanoparticles can be used to study hyperthermia

thumbnail image: Solar Cell Material Finds Use in Biomedical Studies

World-Renowned AIDS Researcher Celebrated

Author: Anar Murphy

19 January 2016 – Special Issue of Protein Science in honor of AIDS researcher and computational biologist Professor Ronald Levy, USA

thumbnail image: World-Renowned AIDS Researcher Celebrated

Win an iPad With ChemViews Newsletter


14 January 2016 – Chance to win an iPad by registering for a newsletter

thumbnail image: Win an iPad With ChemViews Newsletter

Chemistry Goes Viral

Author: Jenna Pope

08 January 2016 – Using chemical techniques on viruses leads to advanced drug delivery systems

thumbnail image: Chemistry Goes Viral

Proteins Modified to Order

Author: Adrian Neal

04 January 2016 – A new method for site-selective protein conjugation based on aromatic nucleophilic substitution

thumbnail image: Proteins Modified to Order

Identifying Bacterial Biofilms

Author: Adrian Neal

03 January 2016 – A fluorescent probe for monitoring biofilms in clinical situations has been discovered

thumbnail image: Identifying Bacterial Biofilms

Tools to Characterize RNA


28 December 2015 – Among various known RNA labeling methods, position-selective labelling of RNA (PLOR) is a rather new technology

thumbnail image: Tools to Characterize RNA

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