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New Arkema Electrolysis Unit


02 May 2014 – Arkema inaugurates a new electrolysis unit in near Grenoble, France

thumbnail image: New Arkema Electrolysis Unit

Chemicals Used in Fracking


01 May 2014 – Baker Hughes Inc. (BHI) plans to disclose all of the chemicals used in fracking fluids

thumbnail image: Chemicals Used in Fracking

Polyphenylene Sulfide Compounding Line in China


28 April 2014 – Celanese will add polyphenylene sulfide compounding line in China

thumbnail image: Polyphenylene Sulfide Compounding Line in China

Scalable Production of Graphene


26 April 2014 – Scalable production of large quantities of defect-free few-layer graphene by shear exfoliation in liquids,

thumbnail image: Scalable Production of Graphene

New Rare-Earth Magnet Plant in Vietnam


23 April 2014 – Japanese Shin-Etsu to construct rare-earth magnet plant in Vietnam

thumbnail image: New Rare-Earth Magnet Plant in Vietnam

The Burden of Knowledge

Author: Sabrina Turba

16 April 2014 – Why broader accessibility to specialty knowledge, such as exlosives, should be handled vigilantly

thumbnail image: The Burden of Knowledge

Hydrocracking Catalyst Development


15 April 2014 – Rive Technology and Zeolyst partner for hydrocracking catalyst development

thumbnail image: Hydrocracking Catalyst Development

Heat-Conducting Polymer


01 April 2014 – Thermal interface material developed which is able to conduct heat 20 times better than the original polymer

thumbnail image: Heat-Conducting Polymer

Biotech in Germany


01 April 2014 – German biotech industry is developing slowly, but cooperations with pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer industry is promising

thumbnail image: Biotech in Germany

Fungi Turn Waste Into Wealth

Author: Lisa-Marie Rauschendorfer

31 March 2014 – A cheap by-product of table sugar production can be used for the production of biofuel after treatment with fungal exoenzymes

thumbnail image: Fungi Turn Waste Into Wealth

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