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Direct Way to Abnormal NHCs


24 May 2017 – Synthesis strategy for different aNHC-cobalt(II) complexes developed

thumbnail image: Direct Way to Abnormal NHCs

Stable Palladium(III) Chain Complex

Author: Li Grundl

22 May 2017 – Highly conductive and thermally stable Pd–Br chain complex

thumbnail image: Stable Palladium(III) Chain Complex

CWTS Leiden Ranking 2017


18 May 2017 – Assessing the scientific performance of over 900 universities based on bibliometric indicators

thumbnail image: CWTS Leiden Ranking 2017

Reinforced Biodegradable Films


07 May 2017 – Sustainable films with a starch matrix reinforced with wheat and corn hulls

thumbnail image: Reinforced Biodegradable Films

Bio-Inspired Structurally Colored Materials


02 May 2017 – Colored materials composed of spherical silica colloidal particles inspired by birds

thumbnail image: Bio-Inspired Structurally Colored Materials

Simple Synthesis for Uranium Halides


24 April 2017 – Convenient method to make uranium tetrahalides from aluminum halides

thumbnail image: Simple Synthesis for Uranium Halides

Progress in Indian Chemistry Research


22 April 2017 – India contributes growing numbers of chemistry articles, but is still underrepresented for highly cited papers

thumbnail image: Progress in Indian Chemistry Research

New Phosphors for Latent Fingerprints

Author: Georg R. Meseck

20 April 2017 – Hydrothermal production of a cost-efficient nanostructured red phosphor for forensic science

thumbnail image: New Phosphors for Latent Fingerprints

Carborane Anions as Electrolytes


07 April 2017 – Non-corrosive electrolyte for rechargeable Mg batteries

thumbnail image: Carborane Anions as Electrolytes

Superconductivity in Stacked Nanosheets


03 April 2017 – Interface superconductivity in randomly stacked tantalum(IV) sulfide nanosheets

thumbnail image: Superconductivity in Stacked Nanosheets

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