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10 November 2010 – Find links to awards accepting nominations listed here – last update April 11, 2018

Awards Accepting Nominations

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Improved Synthesis of 2-Methylbenzofurans


16 April 2018 – Substituted benzofurans from p-tosylhydrazones and calcium carbide

thumbnail image: Improved Synthesis of 2-Methylbenzofurans

Biocatalytic Synthesis of trans-2-Hexenal


08 April 2018 – Synthesis of the Green Note aroma trans-2-hexenal in a continuous-flow microreactor

thumbnail image: Biocatalytic Synthesis of trans-2-Hexenal

Alkynylation of Aryl Carbamates


03 April 2018 – Rhodium-catalyzed reaction gives aryl acetylenes

thumbnail image: Alkynylation of Aryl Carbamates

Ruthenium-Catalyzed Allylation of Indoles


30 March 2018 – Coupling indoles with allyl alcohols using β-hydroxide elimination

thumbnail image: Ruthenium-Catalyzed Allylation of Indoles

Selective Synthesis of E-Macrocycles


29 March 2018 – Stereoretentive, ruthenium-based catalysts for ring-closing metathesis

thumbnail image: Selective Synthesis of <i>E</i>-Macrocycles

Cobalt-Catalyzed Electrochemical Amination of Arenes


27 March 2018 – Environmentally friendly synthesis of useful arylamines

thumbnail image: Cobalt-Catalyzed Electrochemical Amination of Arenes

Improved Z-Selective Metathesis Catalyst


25 March 2018 – Scalable synthesis gives useful N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligand for Ru catalyst

thumbnail image: Improved <i>Z</i>-Selective Metathesis Catalyst

Molecular Knot Made from Trimeric Circular Helicate


22 March 2018 – Ring-closing metathesis turns helicate into trefoil knot

thumbnail image: Molecular Knot Made from Trimeric Circular Helicate

Selective N-Oxidation of Heteroaryls


20 March 2018 – First nonenzymatic heteroarene N-oxidation in the presence of amine groups

thumbnail image: Selective N-Oxidation of Heteroaryls

γ-C(sp3)–H Activation of Ketones

Author: Li Grundl

18 March 2018 – Palladium-catalyzed arylation of ketones directed by an auxiliary

thumbnail image: γ-C(sp<sup>3</sup>)–H Activation of Ketones

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