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Stereocontrolled Radical-Recombination

Author: Li Grundl

06 December 2017 – Visible-light-activated asymmetric C-H functionalization via a stereocontrolled radical-radical recombination

thumbnail image: Stereocontrolled Radical-Recombination

Synthesis of Substituted 3-Trifluoromethylpyrroles


05 December 2017 – Gold-catalyzed cyclization reaction allows convenient synthesis

thumbnail image: Synthesis of Substituted 3-Trifluoromethylpyrroles

Searching for Christmas Presents?


01 December 2017 – Editors recommend science-themed holiday gift ideas

thumbnail image: Searching for Christmas Presents?

Palladium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Arylation

Author: Li Grundl

28 November 2017 – First palladium-catalyzed enantioselective α-arylation of 1,3-ketones

thumbnail image: Palladium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Arylation

Improved Phenanthrene Synthesis


25 November 2017 – Chromium-catalyzed annulation of 2-biaryl Grignard reagents with alkynes

thumbnail image: Improved Phenanthrene Synthesis

Diterpene Discovered Using Isotope Labeling


20 November 2017 – Natural product herpetopanone synthesized by bacteria

thumbnail image: Diterpene Discovered Using Isotope Labeling

Mild Sulfonylation of Anilines


17 November 2017 – Light-mediated reaction for the introduction of sulfones in aniline derivatives

thumbnail image: Mild Sulfonylation of Anilines

Missing Link of the Primordial Soup


11 November 2017 – Diamidophosphate could have created three vital building blocks

thumbnail image: Missing Link of the Primordial Soup

Revised Formation Mechanism


06 November 2017 – Mn/Re vinylidenes react with P–OR nucleophiles via hydrolysis rather than intramolecular Michaelis–Arbuzov rearrangement

thumbnail image: Revised Formation Mechanism

Boost the Nucleophilicity of Allylboron

Author: Li Grundl

02 November 2017 – Aryllithium enhances the nucleophilicity of allylboronate to react with a wide range of electrophiles

thumbnail image: Boost the Nucleophilicity of Allylboron

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