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What Does n‑Butyllithium Look Like in Solution?


30 July 2017 – Aggregation and solvation of common reagent studied using NMR spectroscopy

thumbnail image: What Does <i>n</i>‑Butyllithium Look Like in Solution?

Vitamin C for Carbonate Synthesis


20 July 2017 – Conversion of carbon dioxide to cyclic carbonates

thumbnail image: Vitamin C for Carbonate Synthesis

Arene Cyclopropanation

Author: Li Grundl

17 July 2017 – The first example of metal-catalyzed Buchner reaction and arene cyclopropanation with in situ generated alkylcarbene source

thumbnail image: Arene Cyclopropanation

Visible Light-Driven Carboxylation

Author: Li Grundl

10 July 2017 – Environmentally benign carboxylation of aryl halides with carbon dioxide using palladium/photoredox dual catalysts

thumbnail image: Visible Light-Driven Carboxylation

Hydrogen Bonds Involving CF2H


03 July 2017 – Difluoromethyl can act as hydrogen bond donor and as OH group surrogate

thumbnail image: Hydrogen Bonds Involving CF<sub>2</sub>H

Catalyst-Dependent Cyclization

Author: Li Grundl

28 June 2017 – Selective exo and endo cyclization of N-alkynylindoles using iridium or rhodium catalysts

thumbnail image: Catalyst-Dependent Cyclization

Learn from Four Nobel Laureates!


24 June 2017 – Register now for the free online Angewandte Fest Symposium

thumbnail image: Learn from Four Nobel Laureates!

Using CO2 to Make Carboxylic Acids


23 June 2017 – Reductive cycloisomerization of enynes with carbon dioxide

thumbnail image: Using CO<sub>2</sub> to Make Carboxylic Acids

2016 Impact Factors

Author: & Wiley

20 June 2017 – Newest Journal Citation Report results for Wiley and Wiley-VCH chemistry journals

thumbnail image: 2016 Impact Factors

Synthesis of Aromatic 11C-Nitriles


09 June 2017 – Cyanation of arylboronic acids to create radiotracers

thumbnail image: Synthesis of Aromatic <sup>11</sup>C-Nitriles

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