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Research Highlight: Microbes Rule Our Guts

Author: Antonia Niedobitek

18 September 2014 — Why you should think twice when you’re about to “go with your guts” in food decisions

Microbes Rule Our Guts

Research Highlight: New Challenges in Quantum Chemistry

Author: Vera Koester

02 September 2014 — Turning quantum chemistry around could completely change compound design

New Challenges in Quantum Chemistry

Research Highlight: How Does 3D Gold Roll?

Author: David Bradley

02 September 2014 — New insights in the dimensionality crossover of gold clusters may be fundamental for elucidating their catalytical behavior

How Does 3D Gold Roll?

Research Highlight: Size and Shape Matter

Author: David Bradley

05 August 2014 — Special nanoparticle structures measured by light scattering

Size and Shape Matter

Research Highlight: A Silicon Twist

Author: David Bradley

01 July 2014 — Simple route to polyamino-substituted 1H-siloles - important components of LED and other electronic materials

A Silicon Twist

Research Highlight: Catalyzing Hydrogen Batteries

Author: Lois O'Leary

19 June 2014 — Carbon dioxide hydrogenation catalysts are paving the way to chemical hydrogen storage for fuel cells

Catalyzing Hydrogen Batteries

Research Highlight: A Catalyst Worthy of a Samurai

Author: David Bradley

11 June 2014 — New nickel catalyst to catalyze the cross-coupling reaction between carbonyl compounds and phenole derivatives

A Catalyst Worthy of a Samurai

Research Highlight: Graphene At Your Fingertips

Author: David Bradley

03 June 2014 — Epitaxial growth of a graphene monolayer is possible by using a human fingerprint as a liquid precursor

Graphene At Your Fingertips

Research Highlight: An "Apatite" to Make You Smile

Author: David Bradley

06 May 2014 — Millimeter-scale 3D, highly ordered arrays of hydroxyapatite, a mineral found in the tooth enamel and bones, have been synthesized


Research Highlight: Chemist's Three-Part Logical Thinking

Author: David Bradley

01 April 2014 — First photo-ionic version of a triode – made up of the active components anthracene unit, amine group, crown ether – synthesized

Chemist's Three-Part Logical Thinking
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