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New Route to Flexible Supercapacitors

Author: Georg R. Meseck

23 March 2017 – Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of electrodes onto porous nylon membranes gives monolithic supercapacitors

thumbnail image: New Route to Flexible Supercapacitors

Ultrafast Paper Thermometers


22 March 2017 – Ionic liquid used as an ultrathermosensitive ink

thumbnail image: Ultrafast Paper Thermometers

Supercomputer for Industrial Chemical Research


21 March 2017 – BASF and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to build supercomputer to reduce computer simulation and modeling times

thumbnail image: Supercomputer for Industrial Chemical Research

Improved Car Exhaust Catalyst


20 March 2017 – Alloy of nickel and niobium has higher activity than Pt for removing nitrogen monoxide from exhaust

thumbnail image: Improved Car Exhaust Catalyst

A Twisted Aromatic Framework


19 March 2017 – Twisted pyrene-fused acenes with cyano groups in key positions

thumbnail image: A Twisted Aromatic Framework

Removing Arsenic from Food during Cooking


18 March 2017 – Removing the broth can decrease levels of arsenic in food significantly

thumbnail image: Removing Arsenic from Food during Cooking

Better H2 Binding

Author: Jonathan Agbenyega

17 March 2017 – Improved hydrogen and methane adsorption in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)

thumbnail image: Better H<sub>2</sub> Binding

Pentavalent Lanthanides


16 March 2017 – Praseodymium nitride-oxides synthesized in a neon matrix

thumbnail image: Pentavalent Lanthanides

Nanosheet Electrodes for Water Splitting


15 March 2017 – Iron–nickel sulfide nanosheets on FeNi alloy foils as high-performance electrodes

thumbnail image: Nanosheet Electrodes for Water Splitting

Peralkylated Hexaborate Cluster


14 March 2017 – First example of a perfunctionalized hexaborate cluster featuring B−C bonds

thumbnail image: Peralkylated Hexaborate Cluster

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