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Searching for Christmas Presents?


01 December 2017 – Editors recommend science-themed holiday gift ideas

thumbnail image: Searching for Christmas Presents?

Triclosan in Your Toothbrush?


01 November 2017 – The controversial disinfectant can accumulate in the toothbrush during brushing and is then uncontrolled released

thumbnail image: Triclosan in Your Toothbrush?

Effect Of Climate Change on Coffee


26 August 2017 – Climate change could lead to coffee beans in shorter supply, of poorer quality, and selling at a higher price

thumbnail image: Effect Of Climate Change on Coffee

Why Does Water Improve Whisky?


24 August 2017 – Addition of water drives aroma components to the surface

thumbnail image: Why Does Water Improve Whisky?

Antarctic Greenhouse


09 July 2017 – Plants grow more quickly and with higher yield in special artificial light, at ideal temperature, with selected nutrients, without soil

thumbnail image: Antarctic Greenhouse

Climate Change Projected to Cause More Deadly Heatwaves


25 June 2017 – If emissions remain unchanged, 74 % of the world's population could be at risk by 2100

thumbnail image: Climate Change Projected to Cause More Deadly Heatwaves

Voice-Enabled Lab Assistant


04 June 2017 – Amazon’s voice-activated assistant Alexa is fed with science to help in the lab

thumbnail image: Voice-Enabled Lab Assistant

The Chemistry of Date Fruits


26 May 2017 – Dates are a good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants

thumbnail image: The Chemistry of Date Fruits

Deadly Diesel Exhaust Gases


21 May 2017 – Nitrogen oxide emissions cause more than 100.000 deaths per year worldwide

thumbnail image: Deadly Diesel Exhaust Gases

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