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Magazine: Nanoparticular-ly Interesting

  • 08 August 2010
  • Author: Emma Scales

Nanoparticles role in catalysis and their function as catalyst supports charted by a review in Chem. Eur. J.

thumbnail image: Nanoparticular-ly Interesting

Magazine: Women in Chemistry – Where We Are Today

  • 08 March 2016
  • Author: Claire D'Andola

Chemistry – A European Journal looks at gender parity and presents research from outstanding women around the world

thumbnail image: Women in Chemistry  Where We Are Today

Magazine: J. Mulzer: Emil-Fischer-Medal

  • 09 September 2010
  • Author: ChemViews

Prof. Dr. Johann Mulzer, University of Vienna, Austria, will receive the 2010 Emil-Fischer-Medal next week

thumbnail image: J_ Mulzer Emil-Fischer-Medal

Magazine: Antireflection Coatings

  • 02 June 2011
  • Author: Heulwen Price

Hierarchically mesostructured silica nanoparticles act as superhydrophilic and Vis/NIR antireflection coatings

thumbnail image: Antireflection Coatings

Magazine: Dot Products

  • 16 June 2010
  • Author: Chem. Eur. J.

Enzymatic generation of quantum dots could lead to news ways of analyzing milk by fluorescence spectroscopy.

thumbnail image: Dot Products

Magazine: Time–Temperature Indicators

  • 16 October 2010
  • Author: ChemViews

Nanoplates with time-temperature dependant UV/Vis spectra could have future in monitoring transportation and storage of food

thumbnail image: TimeTemperature Indicators

Magazine: Chemical Weapon Threat Detector

  • 11 May 2011
  • Author: Victoria Barton

Reactant that changes color enables detection of nerve-agent mimics and identification of the nerve gas

thumbnail image: Chemical Weapon Threat Detector

Magazine: Near-IR Dyes for Solar Cells

  • 07 May 2011
  • Author: ChemViews

Much of sunlight’s energy is wasted as it lies in the near-infrared (NIR) region. New, stable NIR dyes collect and use this energy

thumbnail image: Near-IR Dyes for Solar Cells

Magazine: C–P Coupling by Decarboxylation

  • 16 April 2011
  • Author: ChemViews

A versatile protocol for construction of C—P bonds opens the way for a range of new coupling partners to be used

thumbnail image: CP Coupling by Decarboxylation

Magazine: Protecting the Sweetness

  • 12 October 2010
  • Author: Rosalyne Cowie

Protection of amino sugar precursors made easy through a Lewis acid mediated rearrangement

thumbnail image: Protecting the Sweetness
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