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Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Production and evaluation the properties of laminated oat protein film and electrospun nylon

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): Maryam Habibi Zarabadi, Mahdi Kadivar, Javad Keramat

Abstract Electrospun synthetic fiber was used to reinforce protein‐based composite. Two monolayer and laminated films based on either made from just isolated oat protein or a composite containing an interlayer of nylon‐6 nanofiber was developed. It was revealed that monolayer film has relatively weak barrier and mechanical properties compared to other proteinous films. To improve film characteristics, 0.5, 1,...

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Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Extrusion of highly porous silicon nitride ceramics with bimodal pore structure and improved gas permeability

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): Guang‐Peng Jiang, Jian‐Feng Yang

Abstract Highly porous Si3N4 ceramics with bimodal pore structure were prepared by the extrusion processing with petroleum coke of 30 μm as pore‐maker. The microstructure, mechanical strength, and gas permeability were investigated. The microstructure with petroleum coke contained not only numerous fine pores by interlocking the high aspect ratio β‐Si3N4 grains, but also some large pores of 15‐25 μm left by the burnout of petroleum coke. The...

thumbnail image: Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Can solute segregation in ceramic materials be reduced by lattice strain?

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): George F. Harrington, Stephen J. Skinner, John A. Kilner

Abstract Lattice strain is a relatively unexplored route to modify the degradation effects in functional oxides for high‐temperature electrochemical devices. In this paper, we present results on the segregation of Gd to the surface of strained Gd0.1Ce0.9O2‐δ films using low‐energy ion scattering to assess the surface composition. The potential for strain‐modified segregation is discussed as well as the challenges in studying and implementing...

thumbnail image: Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Advanced Materials

External‐Field‐Induced Gradient Wetting for Controllable Liquid Transport: From Movement on the Surface to Penetration into the Surface

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): Yan Li, Linlin He, Xiaofang Zhang, Na Zhang, Dongliang Tian

Abstract External‐field‐responsive liquid transport has received extensive research interest owing to its important applications in microfluidic devices, biological medical, liquid printing, separation, and so forth. To realize different levels of liquid transport on surfaces, the balance of the dynamic competing processes of gradient wetting and dewetting should be controlled to achieve good directionality, confined range, and...

thumbnail image: Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Organic Diode Rectifiers Based on a High‐Performance Conjugated Polymer for a Near‐Field Energy‐Harvesting Circuit

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): Stuart G. Higgins, Tiziano Agostinelli, Steve Markham, Robert Whiteman, Henning Sirringhaus

Abstract Organic diodes manufactured on a plastic substrate capable of rectifying a high‐frequency radio‐frequency identification signal (13.56 MHz), with sufficient power to operate an interactive smart tag, are reported. A high‐performance conjugated semiconductor (an indacenodithiophene‐benzothiadiazole copolymer) is combined with a carefully optimized architecture to satisfy the electrical requirements for an...

thumbnail image: Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

Hexagonal Sphericon Hematite with High Performance for Water Oxidation

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): Taiwo Odedairo, Xuecheng Yan, Xiangdong Yao, Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov, Zhonghua Zhu

Abstract A cost‐effective hexagonal sphericon hematite with predominant (110) facets for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is demonstrated. Sequential incorporation of near‐atomic uniformly distributed Ce species and Ni nanoparticles into selected sites of the hematite induces a complex synergistic integration phenomenon that enhances the overall catalytic OER performance. This cheap hexagonal sphericon hematite (Fe ≈ 98%) only...

thumbnail image: Advanced Materials

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Roughness of oxide glass subcritical fracture surfaces

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): Gaël Pallares, Frédéric Lechenault, Matthieu George, Elisabeth Bouchaud, Cédric Ottina, Cindy L. Rountree, Matteo Ciccotti

Abstract An original setup combining a very stable loading stage, an atomic force microscope and an environmental chamber, allows to obtain very stable subcritical fracture propagation in oxide glasses under controlled environment, and subsequently to finely characterize the nanometric roughness properties of the crack surfaces. The analysis of the surface roughness is conducted both in terms of the classical root mean square...

thumbnail image: Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Structural evolution of the R‐T phase boundary in KNN ‐based ceramics

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): Xiang Lv, Jiagang Wu, Dingquan Xiao, Jianguo Zhu, Xixiang Zhang

Abstract Although a rhombohedral‐tetragonal (R‐T) phase boundary is known to substantially enhance the piezoelectric properties of potassium‐sodium niobate ceramics, the structural evolution of the R‐T phase boundary itself is still unclear. In this work, the structural evolution of R‐T phase boundary from −150°C to 200°C is investigated in (0.99−x)K0.5Na0.5Nb1−ySbyO3–0.01CaSnO3–xBi0.5K0.5HfO3 (where x = 0‐0.05 with y = 0.035, and y = 0‐0.07...

thumbnail image: Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Seed crystal of modified potassium sodium niobate prepared by simple molten salt synthesis

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): Attaur Rahman, Kyung‐Hoon Cho, Cheol‐Woo Ahn, Jungho Ryu, Jong‐Jin Choi, Jong‐Woo Kim, Woon‐Ha Yoon, Joon‐Hwan Choi, Dong‐Soo Park, Byung‐Dong Hahn

Abstract Recently, an interesting phenomenon has been reported in (K,Na)NbO3 (KNN)‐based ceramics. That is the growth of huge grains (10‐30 mm) which is a kind of abnormal grain growth (AGG). It was also interesting that the huge grains showed the stack of plate‐type grains. Using one of those compositions, therefore, seed plates were synthesized by not topochemical reaction but simple molten salt synthesis (SMSS) which was a simple‐and‐cheap ...

thumbnail image: Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Fracture toughness of random fibrous materials with ultrahigh porosity at elevated temperatures

Published: 20 October 2017

Author(s): Datao Li, Wenshan Yu, Wei Xia, Qinzhi Fang, Shengping Shen

Abstract The fracture toughness of three‐dimensional random fibrous (3D RF) material was investigated from room temperature to 1273 K by virtue of experimental method, theoretical model and Finite Element Method (FEM) in the through‐the‐thickness (TTT) and in‐plane (IP) directions. The experiments showed that the fracture toughness in the TTT and IP directions increases (from 0.0617 to 0.0924 Mpa·m1/2 and from 0.2958 to...

thumbnail image: Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Most-accessed articles from each ChemPubSoc Europe, ACES, and GDCh journal

September 2017


Beau P. Pritchett, Etienne J. Donckele, Brian M. Stoltz
Enantioselective Catalysis Coupled with Stereodivergent Cyclization Strategies Enables Rapid Syntheses of (+)-Limaspermidine and (+)-Kopsihainanine A [Communication]
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, vol. 56, p. 12624

Joseph Cowell, Matthew Buck, Ali H. Essa, Rebecca Clarke, Waldemar Vollmer, Daniela Vollmer, Catharien M. Hilkens, John D. Isaacs, Michael J. Hall, Joe Gray
Traceless Cleavage of Protein-Biotin Conjugates under Biologically Compatible Conditions [Communication]
ChemBioChem 2017, vol. 18, p. 1688

Isabela C. Man, Hai-Yan Su, Federico Calle-Vallejo, Heine A. Hansen, José I. Martínez, Nilay G. Inoglu, John Kitchin, Thomas F. Jaramillo, Jens K. Nørskov, Jan Rossmeisl
Universality in Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis on Oxide Surfaces [Full Paper]
ChemCatChem 2011, vol. 3, p. 1159

Matthias Ducci
Geheimtinten [Artikel]
Chem. Unserer Zeit 2017, vol. 51, p. 228

Balaram Mukhopadhyay, Rituparna Das
Chemical O-Glycosylations: An Overview [Review]
ChemistryOpen 2016, vol. 5, p. 401

Sigma Hashimoto, Takahiro Iwamoto, Daisuke Kurachi, Eiichi Kayahara, Shigeru Yamago
Shortest Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Composed of Cycloparaphenylenes [Communication]
ChemPlusChem 2017, vol. 82, p. 1015

Miaofang Chi, Harry M. Meyer, Zili Wu, Liangbo Liang, Peter V. Bonnesen, Dale K. Hensley, Rui Peng, Yang Song, Cheng Ma, Bobby G. Sumpter, Adam J. Rondinone
High-Selectivity Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to Ethanol using a Copper Nanoparticle/N-Doped Graphene Electrode [Full Paper]
ChemistrySelect 2016, vol. 1, p. 6055

Ekkehard Schwab, Sebastian Schiebahn, Georg Schaub, Martin Reuter, Konstantin Räuchle, Ludolf Plass, Marcell Peuckert, Anja Metzelthin, Falko Mahlendorf, Wolfram Koch, Renate Hoer, Angelika Heinzel, Sigmar Bräuninger, Martin Bertau, Christian Beilmann, Florian Ausfelder, Ferdi Schüth, Detlef Stolten, Gisa Teßmer, Kurt Wagemann, Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn
Energiespeicherung als Element einer sicheren Energieversorgung [Übersichtsbeitrag]
Chem. Ing. Tech. 2015, vol. 87, p. 17

Abas Mohsenzadeh, Akram Zamani, Mohammad J. Taherzadeh
Bioethylene Production from Ethanol: A Review and Techno-economical Evaluation [Review]
ChemBioEng Rev. 2017, vol. 4, p. 75

Andrzej Kapturkiewicz
Electrochemical Generation of Excited Intramolecular Charge-Transfer States [Review]
ChemElectroChem 2017, vol. 4, p. 1604

Yinghui Xue, Qin Zhang, Tao Zhang, Lei Fu
Black Phosphorus: Properties, Synthesis, and Applications in Energy Conversion and Storage [Focus Review]
ChemNanoMat 2017, vol. 3, p. 352

Reto M. Witzig, Dominik Lotter, Vincent C. Fäseke, Christof Sparr
Stereoselective Arene-Forming Aldol Condensation: Catalyst-Controlled Synthesis of Axially Chiral Compounds [Concept]
Chem. Eur. J. 2017, vol. 23, p. 12960

Sandip G. Agalave, Suleman R. Maujan, Vandana S. Pore
Click Chemistry: 1,2,3‐Triazoles as Pharmacophores [Focus Review]
Chem. Asian J. 2011, vol. 6, p. 2696

Jieun Choi, Nagendra Nath Yadav, Hyun-Joon Ha
Front Cover: Preparation of a Stable Bicyclic Aziridinium Ion and Its Ring Expansion toward Piperidines and Azepanes (Asian J. Org. Chem. 9/2017) [Cover Picture]
Asian J. Org. Chem. 2017, vol. 6, p. 1110

Munia F. Sowaileh, Robert A. Hazlitt, David A. Colby
Application of the Pentafluorosulfanyl Group as a Bioisosteric Replacement [Minireview]
ChemMedChem 2017, vol. 12, p. 1481

Thomas J. Penfold, Andrew P. Monkman, Jamie Gibson
The Importance of Vibronic Coupling for Efficient Reverse Intersystem Crossing in Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Molecules [Communication]
ChemPhysChem 2016, vol. 17, p. 2956

Tugba Ozdemir, Yu-Chen Lu, Safacan Kolemen, Esra Tanriverdi-Ecik, Engin U. Akkaya
Generation of Singlet Oxygen by Persistent Luminescent Nanoparticle-Photosensitizer Conjugates: A Proof of Principle for Photodynamic Therapy without Light [Communication]
ChemPhotoChem 2017, vol. 1, p. 183

Junfei Luo, Igor Larrosa
C−H Carboxylation of Aromatic Compounds through CO2 Fixation [Minireview]
ChemSusChem 2017, vol. 10, p. 3317

Ross J. Marshall, Ross S. Forgan
Postsynthetic Modification of Zirconium Metal-Organic Frameworks [Microreview]
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2016, p. 4310

Gregory J. P. Perry, Igor Larrosa
Recent Progress in Decarboxylative Oxidative Cross-Coupling for Biaryl Synthesis [Microreview]
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2017, p. 3517

Biochemische und molekularbiologische Analytik [Bericht]
Lebensmittelchemie 2017, vol. 71, p. 13

Maren Bulmahn
Parteien zur Wahl [Bildung & Gesellschaft]
Nachr. Chem. 2017, vol. 65, p. 911

Dominique Rosenberg, Svenja Pansegrau, Mirco Wachholz, Alexander Rehling, Maike Busker, Walter Jansen
Redox-Flow-Batterien - Organische Batterien mit Zukunftsperspektiven [Artikel]
CHEMKON 2017, vol. 24, p. 325

Catharina Goedecke
Why Does Iodine Turn Starch Blue?
ChemViews Magazine 2016

Most cited articles from each ChemPubSoc Europe, ACES, and GDCh journal



Shoujun Zhu, Qingnan Meng, Lei Wang, Junhu Zhang, Yubin Song, Han Jin, Kai Zhang, Hongchen Sun, Haiyu Wang, Bai Yang
Highly Photoluminescent Carbon Dots for Multicolor Patterning, Sensors, and Bioimaging
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2013, vol. 52, pp. 3953–3957

Balayeshwanth R. Vummidi, Jawad Alzeer, Nathan W. Luedtke
Fluorescent Probes for G-Quadruplex Structures [Review]
ChemBioChem 2013, vol. 14, pp. 540–558

Zhi-Yuan Gu, Jihye Park, Aaron Raiff, Zhangwen Wei, Hong-Cai Zhou
Metal–Organic Frameworks as Biomimetic Catalysts [Minireview]
ChemCatChem 2014, vol. 6, pp. 67–75

Anthony J. Arduengo, Roland Krafczyk
Auf der Suche nach Stabilen Carbenen [Organische Chemie]
Chem. Unserer Zeit 1998, vol. 32, pp. 6–14

Marc Steinmetz, Stefan Grimme
Benchmark Study of the Performance of Density Functional Theory for Bond Activations with (Ni,Pd)-Based Transition-Metal Catalysts [Full Paper]
ChemistryOpen 2013, vol. 2, pp. 115–124

Philipp Scharf, Jens Müller
Nucleic Acids With Metal-Mediated Base Pairs and Their Applications [Review]
ChemPlusChem 2013, vol. 78, pp. 20–34

Philipp Kaiser, Rajabhau Bajirao Unde, Christoph Kern, Andreas Jess
Production of Liquid Hydrocarbons with CO2 as Carbon Source based on Reverse Water-Gas Shift and Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis [Research Article]
Chem. Ing. Tech. 2013, vol. 85, pp. 489–499

Xiaosi Zhou, Yu-Guo Guo
Highly Disordered Carbon as a Superior Anode Material for Room-Temperature Sodium-Ion Batteries [Communication]
ChemElectroChem 2014, vol. 1, pp. 83–86

Chuanxi Wang, Zhenzhu Xu, Chi Zhang
Polyethyleneimine-Functionalized Fluorescent Carbon Dots: Water Stability, pH Sensing, and Cellular Imaging [Full Paper]
ChemNanoMat 2015, vol. 1, pp. 122–127

Konggang Qu, Jiasi Wang, Jinsong Ren, Xiaogang Qu
Carbon Dots Prepared by Hydrothermal Treatment of Dopamine as an Effective Fluorescent Sensing Platform for the Label-Free Detection of Iron(III) Ions and Dopamine [Full Paper]
Chem. Eur. J. 2013, vol. 19, pp. 7243–7249

Yinuo Wu, Jun Wang, Fei Mao, Fuk Yee Kwong
Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Dehydrogenative Functionalization of C(sp2)–H Bonds [Focus Review]
Chem. Asian J. 2014, vol. 9, pp. 26–47

Naohiko Yoshikai, Ye Wei
Synthesis of Pyrroles, Indoles, and Carbazoles through Transition-Metal-Catalyzed C–H Functionalization [Review]
Asian J. Org. Chem. 2013, vol. 2, pp. 466–478

Lluís Ballell, Robert H. Bates, Rob J. Young, Daniel Alvarez-Gomez, Emilio Alvarez-Ruiz, Vanessa Barroso, Delia Blanco, Benigno Crespo, Jaime Escribano, Rubén González, Sonia Lozano, Sophie Huss, Angel Santos-Villarejo, José Julio Martín-Plaza, Alfonso Mendoza, María José Rebollo-Lopez, Modesto Remuiñan-Blanco, José Luis Lavandera, Esther Pérez-Herran, Francisco Javier Gamo-Benito, José Francisco García-Bustos, David Barros, Julia P. Castro, Nicholas Cammack
Fueling Open-Source Drug Discovery: 177 Small-Molecule Leads against Tuberculosis [Full Paper]
ChemMedChem 2013, vol. 8, pp. 313–321

Peter Politzer, Jane S. Murray
Halogen Bonding: An Interim Discussion [Review]
ChemPhysChem 2013, vol. 14, pp. 278–294

Volker Hessel, Dana Kralisch, Norbert Kockmann, Timothy Noël, Qi Wang
Novel Process Windows for Enabling, Accelerating, and Uplifting Flow Chemistry [Review]
ChemSusChem 2013, vol. 6, pp. 746–789

Helena J. Shepherd, Gábor Molnár, William Nicolazzi, Lionel Salmon, Azzedine Bousseksou
Spin Crossover at the Nanometre Scale [Microreview]
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2013, pp. 653–661

Junichiro Yamaguchi, Kei Muto, Kenichiro Itami
Recent Progress in Nickel-Catalyzed Biaryl Coupling [Microreview]
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2013, pp. 19–30

David Schweinfurth, Naina Deibel, Fritz Weisser, Biprajit Sarkar
Mit Klick zu neuen Liganden [Magazin]
Nachr. Chem. 2011, vol. 59, pp. 937–941
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