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Designing Printable Medicinal Products

29 September 2014 – Dr. Zimmermann, Chemical Engineering & Technology, talks to Professor Rantanen, University of Copenhagen, about his recent article

Renewable Energy Trends in 2013

02 September 2014 – Renewables comprise almost one fifth of global energy consumption

Addressing the Pharmaceutical Innovation Crisis

01 July 2014 – Interview with Rathnam Chaguturu, USA, about the current status of drug discovery in industry and academia


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The Smallest Marches to a Different Tune

27 October 2014 – Fundamental change in the nature of chemical bonding upon isotopic substitution


Bernhard Brutschy (1946 – 2014)

27 October 2014 – Bernhard Brutschy, Professor Emeritus, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, passed away on October 14


Ekkehard Winterfeldt (1932 – 2014)

23 October 2014 – Ekkehard Winterfeldt, former President of the GDCh (German Chemical Society), passed away on October 11

Book Review

Computational Organic Chemistry

23 October 2014 – J. E. Hums, Germany, reviews the book "Computational Organic Chemistry" by Steven M. Bachrach


Reiner Sustmann (1939 – 2014)

22 October 2014 – Reiner Sustmann, Professor Emeritus, University of Essen, Germany, passed away last week


Against Chemical Intuition: Na3Cl and NaCl3 Do Exist

16 October 2014 – Sodium chlorides with unusual stoichiometries exist at high pressures


Guess the Chemist (34)

07 October 2014 – Can you guess the famous scientist from the description?

Clever Picture

Espresso Crema

07 October 2014 – Why does an espresso need a crema and how should it look like?


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thumbnail image: Formal Total Synthesis of -Taxol

Formal Total Synthesis of (–)-Taxol

31 October 2014 – Pd-catalyzed eight-membered carbocyclic ring formation

thumbnail image: Threading Polymers Through a Macrocyclic Ring

Threading Polymers Through a Macrocyclic Ring

30 October 2014 – Slippage of a porphyrin macrocycle over threads of varying bulkiness

thumbnail image: Chemical Tailoring of Thermoelectric Materials

Chemical Tailoring of Thermoelectric Materials

30 October 2014 – A new material for the conversion of heat into electricity


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thumbnail image: Developing More Environmentally Friendly Solvents

Developing More Environmentally Friendly Solvents

Professor J. Brennecke, Notre Dame, USA, talks about the usage of ionic liquids to develop environmentally friendly processes


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thumbnail image: Comic Competition

Comic Competition

12 August 2014 – Submit your cartoon and have the chance to win one of three exciting prizes


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thumbnail image: Linda Nazar Developing Materials for Energy Storage And Conversion

Linda Nazar: Developing Materials for Energy Storage And Conversion

Professor Linda Nazar summarizes her research that focuses on developing new materials for energy storage and conversion


thumbnail image: Erweiterte Testanlage fur Vollwarmeschutzsysteme

Erweiterte Testanlage für Vollwärmeschutzsysteme

28 October 2014 – Der Münchner WACKER-Konzern hat im Werk Burghausen eine neue Testanlage zur Zertifizierung moderner Vollwärmeschutzsysteme errichtet.

Supplier: Wacker Chemie AG
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