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Peak Phosphorus: A Challenge for Chemical Engineering

04 April 2014 – Phosphor is essential for every living organism, it can not be substituted like oil, but its reserves are limited and distribution uneven

Liliana Mammino: Research and Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

04 March 2014 – Professor Liliana Mammino, South Africa, speaks about promoting the development of computational chemistry in Africa

The Chemistry of Breaking Bad

03 December 2013 – The multi-award-winning TV series is demanding, exciting, amusing, often shocking, and made with great attention to chemistry details


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Versatile Capsules

15 April 2014 – Multifunctional microcapsules made from metals and tannic acid

Event Highlight

94th Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan

12 April 2014 – Highlights of the event attended by approx. 8000 chemists


Guess the Mineral

11 April 2014 – Guess the name of a mineral with the help of an image and some tips


GeS Nanosheets and Nanowires

08 April 2014 – Facile one-step solution approach for controlled fabrication of germanium sulfide nanosheets and nanowires


Michael Franz Lappert (1928 – 2014)

03 April 2014 – Professor Michael Franz Lappert, University of Sussex, UK, passed away last week


From Stench to Resource

03 April 2014 – Production of sulfur and hydrogen: splitting hydrogen sulfide with solar energy


Can DFT Calculations Describe Ethylene Polymerization?

01 April 2014 – Ethylene polymerization over the Phillips CrOx/SiO2 catalyst


Vitamin C Deficiency – Part 4

01 April 2014 – How much vitamin C do we need in our modern food?


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thumbnail image: Iron Catalysis for Quinoline Synthesis

Iron Catalysis for Quinoline Synthesis

17 April 2014 – New method irons out the old problems in synthesizing quinolines

thumbnail image: Simply Adding Sulfur Increases Battery Capacity

Simply Adding Sulfur Increases Battery Capacity

16 April 2014 – Simple inclusion of sulfur into composite material for Li–S batteries leads to highest specific discharge capacity and durable service life

thumbnail image: Smells Like the Flu

Smells Like the Flu!

15 April 2014 – Cells infected with influenza emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the odors are specific to the virus strain


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thumbnail image: Linda Nazar Developing Materials for Energy Storage And Conversion

Linda Nazar: Developing Materials for Energy Storage And Conversion

Professor Linda Nazar summarizes her research that focuses on developing new materials for energy storage and conversion


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thumbnail image: Michael Braungart Seeking a Sustainable Future

Michael Braungart: Seeking a Sustainable Future

M. Braungart, Germany, explains his Cradle to Cradle strategy of how products and production processes can be completely safe


thumbnail image: Prozesskuhlung mit LIXSHOOTER

Prozesskühlung mit LIXSHOOTER®

25 March 2014 – Zur exakten Temperierung von Mischprozessen in der Chemie- und Lebensmitteltechnik ...

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