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The Charm and Appeal of Organic Chemistry

07 November 2017 – Interview with Phil Baran, who is well known for the synthesis of complex molecules

The Strength of Chemistry in France

04 July 2017 – G. Chambaud-Debrabant, President of the French Chemical Society, about the society's activities, its challenges, and the place of chemists in modern...

GDCh Celebrates 150 Years

01 January 2017 – The GDCh (German Chemical Society) celebrates its 150th anniversary troughout the year with many activities


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Malignant Mitochondria as a Target

13 December 2017 – A metallopeptide targets and disrupts mitochondrial function in breast cancer stem cells


Heating Up Tumors

11 December 2017 – New method for more effective photothermal tumor therapy with infrared light


Going Undercover to Fight Tuberculosis

08 December 2017 – Antibacterial β-lactone infiltrates mycomembrane biosynthesis and kills tuberculosis pathogen


Cell Tissue Must Not Freeze!

06 December 2017 – Polyproline, as a minimal antifreeze protein mimetic, protects cell monolayers from freeze damage


Battery: Working in the Cold

05 December 2017 – High-rate and long-life lithium-ion battery with improved low-temperature performance through a prelithiation strategy


Challenging and Fascinating Journey with ECHA

05 December 2017 – Geert Dancet,  first Executive Director of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) about the success and challenges of ECHA


Guess the Chemist (72)

05 December 2017 – Can you guess the famous scientist from the description?

Industry Roundup

Mega-Mergers of 2017

05 December 2017 – The four largest transactions had a value of US$ 40 to 70 billion each


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thumbnail image: Mesoporous Fullerene Nanomaterials

Mesoporous Fullerene Nanomaterials

14 December 2017 – Highly ordered mesoporous material formed by a template method has a high supercapacitive performance

thumbnail image: Polymers with a Mechanochromic Response

Polymers with a Mechanochromic Response

13 December 2017 – Copolymers of polyphenylene and a spiropyran reversibly change color when a force is applied

thumbnail image: Longest Graphene Nanoribbon

Longest Graphene Nanoribbon

12 December 2017 – Precise synthesis of graphene nanoribbon consisting of 30 linearly-fused aromatic rings with a length of 7.7 nm


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thumbnail image: Quiz Chemical Processes

Quiz: Chemical Processes

03 October 2017 – Do you remember which chemical process produces which substance?


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thumbnail image: Learn from Four Nobel Laureates

Learn from Four Nobel Laureates

13 September 2017 – View the lectures recorded at the Angewandte Festsymposium for free


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thumbnail image: Angewandte Festsymposium David Leigh

Angewandte Festsymposium: David Leigh

Teaser for David Leigh's lecture at the Angewandte Festsymposium on Sept 11, 2017


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thumbnail image: Why Does Iodine Turn Starch Blue

Why Does Iodine Turn Starch Blue?

An explanation of the common experiment


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thumbnail image: What is Schrodingers Cat

What is Schrödinger's Cat?

Video illustrates the famous thought experiment


thumbnail image: Produkte uber detaillierte Suche einfach finden

Produkte über detaillierte Suche einfach finden

29 November 2017 – Die auf Sensorik, Messtechnik und Automatisierung spezialisierte Suchmaschine ist nach einem umfassenden Re-Launch im neuen Design online

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