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Iron Pernitride Synthesized


09 March 2018 – High-pressure and high-temperature reaction gives new iron-nitrogen compound

thumbnail image: Iron Pernitride Synthesized

Chiral Monodentate Oxazoline Ligand

Author: Li Grundl

08 March 2018 – Useful ligand for Pd-catalyzed amide-directed hydrocarbofunctionalization of unactivated alkenes

thumbnail image: Chiral Monodentate Oxazoline Ligand

Chinese Giant Air Cleaner


07 March 2018 – A 60-meter-high chimney filters air in one of China’s most polluted cities

thumbnail image: Chinese Giant Air Cleaner

Better Understanding of Perovskite Solar Cells


07 March 2018 – Relationship between perovskite composition, ion migration processes, and solar cell efficiency explored

thumbnail image: Better Understanding of Perovskite Solar Cells

Industrial Algae Biofuel Research


07 March 2018 – ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics enter a new phase in their joint algae biofuel research program

thumbnail image: Industrial Algae Biofuel Research

Organic Edible Electronics for Point-of-Care Testing

Author: Charlotte Koschnik

06 March 2018 – Fabrication of edible electronic devices using temporary tattoo paper

thumbnail image: Organic Edible Electronics for Point-of-Care Testing

Conductivity Changes with Thickness


05 March 2018 – Reduced thickness causes metallic material to become semiconducting

thumbnail image: Conductivity Changes with Thickness

Recovering Chiral Iridium Catalysts

Author: Li Grundl

04 March 2018 – Simple method to recycle chiral Ir catalysts from asymmetric hydrogenation reactions

thumbnail image: Recovering Chiral Iridium Catalysts

Better Cas9 for CRISPR Gene-Editing


04 March 2018 – Improved Cas9 protein could work on more sites in the genome with fewer unwanted effects

thumbnail image: Better Cas9 for CRISPR Gene-Editing

Platinum Drugs Also Bind to Proteins

Author: Meghan Campbell

03 March 2018 – Photoactivated platinum complexes shown to react with peptides, not just DNA

thumbnail image: Platinum Drugs Also Bind to Proteins

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