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Efficient Synthesis of Dicyanofurans from Biomass


15 February 2018 – Sustainable pathway to useful chemical building blocks

thumbnail image: Efficient Synthesis of Dicyanofurans from Biomass

The Aroma of Roses


14 February 2018 – Which compounds are responsible for the smell of roses?

thumbnail image: The Aroma of Roses

3D Graphene Fibers


13 February 2018 – Thermal chemical vapor deposition used to make bottlebrush-like graphene fibers

thumbnail image: 3D Graphene Fibers

Total Synthesis of ent-Ascospiroketal B


12 February 2018 – Original synthetic route to tricyclic natural product

thumbnail image: Total Synthesis of <i>ent</i>-Ascospiroketal B

Dimethylcalcium Synthesized


11 February 2018 – Compound with great potential for organocalcium chemistry

thumbnail image: Dimethylcalcium Synthesized

Wood As Hard As Steel


10 February 2018 – Wood transformed into a cost-effective high-tech material

thumbnail image: Wood As Hard As Steel

Fluorescent Hydrogel Codes

Author: Charlotte Koschnick

09 February 2018 – Transformable multi-fluorescent 3D hydrogel codes

thumbnail image: Fluorescent Hydrogel Codes

Open Database for Improved Hydrogen Production


08 February 2018 – Multiscale model on alcohol reforming

thumbnail image: Open Database for Improved Hydrogen Production

Turning Up the Heat on Cholesterol

Author: Meghan Campbell

07 February 2018 – Targeting thermal-responsive Ca channels with CuS nanoparticles to prevent arterial plaques

thumbnail image: Turning Up the Heat on Cholesterol

Highly Efficient MOF-Derived Electrocatalyst

Author: Charlotte Koschnick

06 February 2018 – High electrocatalytic activities for oxygen evolution and oxygen reduction

thumbnail image: Highly Efficient MOF-Derived Electrocatalyst

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