Considering a Masters Degree? And Which?

Considering a Masters Degree? And Which?

Author: ChemistryViews

The website masterwiki provides tools to overcome the problem of non-transparent application procedures and the lack of degree compatibility across Europe, both within countries and internationally.

Matthias Ziener came up with the idea for this website in response to negative experiences he himself made with a master’s application in spring 2011. During a challenge brought forward to a university’s decision against admission, Matthias realized that decisions can in fact be unfair and almost arbitrary. After talking to fellow students experiencing similar problems, it became clear that problems of non-transparency and degree incompatibility are much more pervasive than initially thought.

In August 2011 he created masterwiki. It provides a platform for sharing and collecting positive and negative graduate application experiences all across Europe, resulting in a valuable source of information for those looking to successfully plan their paths to graduate studies.


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    the article is good cause it helps graduates with dreams of academic career to be realised. Thanks


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