Call For CHEMCARS – Closed

Call For CHEMCARS – Closed

Author: kreative junge Verfahrensingenieure

Well known at ProcessNet Annual Meetings, the ChemCar Competition will be hosted next year on a larger scale at the European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE) in Berlin.

Once again, teams of up to 7 students (University students not holding a Diploma or Master’s degree) are called on to build their own ChemCar, a vehicle driven only by the power of chemical reactions. The aim of this competition is the accurate design of a reaction to achieve a certain distance rather than the fastest car. Modifications are made by adjustment of a specific reactant, with the final specifications, i.e. race distance and payload, being announced only an hour before the race.

If you are interested in ChemCar and would like to take part in — or supervise/coach a team from your own university — you will find more information at
Please submit your registration and concept description until 18.03.2011 to [email protected]
We look forward to seeing teams from all over Europe in Berlin. Financial support for congress fees for the participating team members (not including supervisors) will be offered by the organizers, the “kreative junge Verfahrensingenieure, kjVI” and VDI-GVC!

Some of the entries of this year’s ChemCar competition.

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