International Summit on Biopolymers and Polymer Science

The event provides an opportunity to discuss the latest developments and cutting-edge technologies. The meeting brings together world-class participants and young researchers, and gives the opportunity to cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and solve multidisciplinary problems.

It includes keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations, and exhibitions.

Topics include: Biopolymers, Biopolymers and bioplastics, Natural polymers, Advanced biopolymers, Bioplastics, Bioinformatics, Polymer chemistry, Biodegradable polymers, Bio renewable biopolymers, Polymer material science and engineering, Polymeric biomaterials, Polymer nanotechnology, Biopolymer applications Biopolymers as materials, Green composites in biopolymers, Biopolymers for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, Biodegradable polymers polymers in biomedical applications, Recycling and waste management of biopolymers, Biopolymers in biofibers and microbial cellulose, Biopolymer feed stock challenges and opportunities, Biopolymers

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