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Awards Accepting Nominations

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11 October 2010 – Find links to awards accepting nominations listed here – last update January 14, 2020

Awards Accepting Nominations

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Bacteria Turn Soft Matrix into a Living Building Material


17 January 2020 – Cyanobacteria turn carbon dioxide into carbonate and create stable materials

thumbnail image: Bacteria Turn Soft Matrix into a Living Building Material

Stone Eaters

Author: Marek Czykanski

08 January 2020 – New form of biological weathering of rock dicovered

thumbnail image: Stone Eaters

Happy New Year!


01 January 2020 – The team of wishes you a peaceful, healthy, and successful New Year 2020

thumbnail image: Happy New Year!

AI Detects Cancer Metastases


24 December 2019 – Algorithm shows effectiveness of drugs against metastases

thumbnail image: AI Detects Cancer Metastases

Could a Little Pesticide Be Good for Bumblebees?

Author: Sarah Maier

07 December 2019 – Study of bumblebee colonies with either thiacloprid-treated or organic clover as food source

thumbnail image: Could a Little Pesticide Be Good for Bumblebees?

More Precise CRISPR/Cas9 Method


06 December 2019 – Improved gene editing that can be switched on and off

thumbnail image: More Precise CRISPR/Cas9 Method

Improved Disulfide-Reducing Reagent


30 November 2019 – 2-(dibenzylamino)butane-1,4-dithiol is easy to prepare, does not smell, and can be used in a broad range of solvents

thumbnail image: Improved Disulfide-Reducing Reagent

E. coli Clones Use CO2 as Sole Carbon Source


29 November 2019 – Metabolic rewiring and directed evolution convert bacteria to generate biomass carbon from CO2

thumbnail image: <i>E. coli</i> Clones Use CO<sub>2</sub> as Sole Carbon Source

The Flu Virus – A Molecular Spider?

Author: Anna Rustler

27 November 2019 – Motion of influenza over surfaces studied

thumbnail image: The Flu Virus – A Molecular Spider?

Chiral Supraparticles for Controllable Nanomedicine


07 November 2019 – Incorporating d‐chirality into supraparticles enhances uptake by cancer cells and prolongs in vivo stability in circulation

thumbnail image: Chiral Supraparticles for Controllable Nanomedicine

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