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Better Graphene Oxide Membranes for Water Purification


17 April 2018 – Larger interlayer distance improves water permeability and stability

thumbnail image: Better Graphene Oxide Membranes for Water Purification

A More Direct Way to Propene


13 April 2018 – Promising catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane

thumbnail image: A More Direct Way to Propene

News from SABIC


11 April 2018 – First polyacetal (POM) plant in Middle East, novel reactor concept for combustion pyrolysis of methane, MIT cooperation

thumbnail image: News from SABIC

Biocatalytic Synthesis of trans-2-Hexenal


08 April 2018 – Synthesis of the Green Note aroma trans-2-hexenal in a continuous-flow microreactor

thumbnail image: Biocatalytic Synthesis of trans-2-Hexenal

Shale Gas in China


06 April 2018 – China's first shale gas field hits 10 bcm/year

thumbnail image: Shale Gas in China

AkzoNobel Sells Specialty Chemicals


05 April 2018 – AkzoNobel to sell to The Carlyle Group, USA, and GIC, Singapore, for €10.1 billion

thumbnail image: AkzoNobel Sells Specialty Chemicals

Cost of Recycling E-Waste


05 April 2018 – Recovering gold and copper from e-waste is cheaper than obtaining these metals from mines

thumbnail image: Cost of Recycling E-Waste

Polycarbonate for Eyewear


05 April 2018 – Lens manufacturer Jiangsu Sigo Optical uses polycarbonate from Covestro

thumbnail image: Polycarbonate for Eyewear

Cleaner Electricity Production

Author: Marek Czykanski

04 April 2018 – Switching from coal to gas has significantly reduced UK's carbon dioxide emissions

thumbnail image: Cleaner Electricity Production

Plastics Recycling Joint Venture


15 March 2018 – LyondellBasell and SUEZ partner to contribute to circular economy

thumbnail image: Plastics Recycling Joint Venture

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