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Hydrometallurgy: Fundamentals and Applications

Author: Michael L. Free

19 November 2013: As the first book to compile the fundamentals, applications, reference information and analytical tools on the topic, Hydrometallurgy presents a condensed collection of information that can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness with whi...

thumbnail image: Hydrometallurgy: Fundamentals and Applications

Basic Concepts of Chemistry, 9th Edition

Author: Leo J. Malone, Theodore O. Dolter

22 October 2013: The 9th edition of Malone's Basic Concepts of Chemistry provides many new and advanced features that continue to address general chemistry topics with an emphasis on outcomes assessment. New and advanced features include an objectives grid at the end...

thumbnail image: Basic Concepts of Chemistry, 9th Edition

Bioinorganic Chemistry -- Inorganic Elements in the Chemistry of Life: An Introduction and Guide, 2nd Edition

Author: Wolfgang Kaim, Brigitte Schwederski, Axel Klein

04 October 2013: The field of Bioinorganic Chemistry has grown significantly in recent years; now one of the major sub-disciplines of Inorganic Chemistry, it has also pervaded other areas of the life sciences due to its highly interdisciplinary nature. Bioinorganic C...

thumbnail image: Bioinorganic Chemistry -- Inorganic Elements in the Chemistry of Life: An Introduction and Guide, 2nd Edition

Crystals in Glass: A Hidden Beauty

Author: E. D. Zanotto

27 September 2013: A "must-have" for materials engineers, chemists, physicists, and geologists, this is one of the first "coffee-table" books in the field of glass science. Containing over fifty beautiful micrographs, the book reflects 35 years of original research by ...

thumbnail image: Crystals in Glass: A Hidden Beauty

Risk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks, 5th Edition

Author: Regina E. Lundgren, Andrea H. McMakin

27 September 2013: A fully updated handbook on effectively communicating environmental, safety, and health risks Written by two well-known risk practitioners with over twenty-five years' experience in the field, this fully updated Fifth Edition of Risk Communication: A...

thumbnail image: Risk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks, 5th Edition

Technische Chemie, 2nd Edition

Author: M. Baerns, Axel Brehm, Jürgen Gmehling, Hanns Hofmann, Ulfert Onken, Albert Renken, Kai-Olaf Hinrichsen, Regina Palkovits

11 September 2013: Mit diesem umfassenden Lehrbuch, klappt´s auch schon beim ersten Versuch! Alle wichtigen Bereiche der Technischen Chemie werden in diesem umfassenden Lehrbuch didaktisch, experimentell ausgewogen und anwendungsorientiert äußerst gelungen dargestellt....

thumbnail image: Technische Chemie, 2nd Edition

Functional Metal Oxides

Author: Satishchandra Balkrishna Ogale, T. Venky Venkatesan, Mark Blamire

24 July 2013: This forward-looking title focuses on the key innovations for industrial growth areas for functional metal oxides: energy technology, semiconductors, electronics, and automotive. Bridging the gap between basic science and technological applications, ...

thumbnail image: Functional Metal Oxides


Author: Wolfgang Pompe, Gerhard Rodel, Hans-Jurgen Weiss, Michael Mertig

10 July 2013: Written by authors from different fields to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the topic, this book guides the reader through new nano-materials processing inspired by nature. Structured around general principles, each selection and explanation ...

thumbnail image: Bio-Nanomaterials

Inorganic Chemistry For Dummies

Author: Michael Matson, Alvin W. Orbaek

05 July 2013: The easy way to get a grip on inorganic chemistry Inorganic chemistry can be an intimidating subject, but it doesn't have to be! Whether you're currently enrolled in an inorganic chemistry class or you have a background in chemistry and want to expan...

thumbnail image: Inorganic Chemistry For Dummies

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