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10 November 2010 – Find links to awards accepting nominations listed here – last update November 15, 2018

Awards Accepting Nominations

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Porous Material with Record SO2 Adsorption Capacity


15 November 2018 – Zirconium-based metal–organic framework (MOF) with reversible and highly selective adsorption

thumbnail image: Porous Material with Record SO<sub>2</sub> Adsorption Capacity

Spectroscopy Provides Insights into Li@C60

Author: Liam Critchley

11 November 2018 – Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning tunnelling spectroscopy studies of an endohedral fullerene

thumbnail image: Spectroscopy Provides Insights into Li@C<sub>60</sub>

Selective Extraction of Thorium


03 November 2018 – Surface-oxidized wrinkled mesoporous carbon has high selectivity for thorium adsorption

thumbnail image: Selective Extraction of Thorium

First Three-Center Two-Electron Ge–H–Ge Bond


01 November 2018 – Rare protonated tetrahedral tetrel cluster anion

thumbnail image: First Three-Center Two-Electron Ge–H–Ge Bond

Safer Alternative to Commonly Used RDX Explosive


30 October 2018 – Formamidinium nitroformate less sensitive to friction and impact

thumbnail image: Safer Alternative to Commonly Used RDX Explosive

Diamond-Like Zwitterionic Metal–Organic Framework


26 October 2018 – Charge-separated MOF assembled from tetrahedral borates and Cu(I) cations

thumbnail image: Diamond-Like Zwitterionic Metal–Organic Framework

Linear Fe3 Single-Molecule Magnet


24 October 2018 – Linear trinuclear ferrous complex shows ferromagnetic coupling and slow magnetic relaxation

thumbnail image: Linear Fe<sub>3</sub> Single-Molecule Magnet

A Water-Stable Uranyl(V) Complex


18 October 2018 – Polydentate ligand stabilizes uranyl(V) in water at pH 7–10

thumbnail image: A Water-Stable Uranyl(V) Complex

Two Aromatic Rings in One


16 October 2018 – Hexakis(phenylselenyl)benzene dication shows double aromaticity

thumbnail image: Two Aromatic Rings in One

Rare Cobalt−Tin Cluster Synthesized


10 October 2018 – Strong metal–metal bonds between tin and cobalt

thumbnail image: Rare Cobalt−Tin Cluster Synthesized

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