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Enzyme-Catalyzed Remote Halogenation


10 January 2018 – First flavin-dependent halogenases (FDHs) catalyzing an enantioselective halogenation reaction

thumbnail image: Enzyme-Catalyzed Remote Halogenation

New Organocatalytic Approach for Imine Synthesis


04 January 2018 – Imine synthesis that uses quinone catalysis in an oxidative deformylation of 1,2-amino alcohols

thumbnail image: New Organocatalytic Approach for Imine Synthesis

ChemPubSoc Europe's Daily Research

Author: ChemViews

01 January 2018 – The latest chemistry from ChemPubSoc Europe journals – updated daily

thumbnail image: ChemPubSoc Europe's Daily Research

Editors' Choice: Spotlights from ChemPubSoc Europe

Author: ChemViews

01 January 2018 – Selection of just published articles from ChemPubSoc Europe journals

thumbnail image: Editors' Choice: Spotlights from ChemPubSoc Europe

Replacing Phosgene with CO2


28 December 2017 – Synthesis of aryl isocyanates under a carbon dioxide atmosphere

thumbnail image: Replacing Phosgene with CO<sub>2</sub>

Awards of the GDCh


23 December 2017 – GDCh Fact of the Month (12)

thumbnail image: Awards of the GDCh

Better Synthesis of Fluoride Radiotracers


18 December 2017 – Direct C–H fluorination reaction for positron emission tomography (PET) tracers

thumbnail image: Better Synthesis of Fluoride Radiotracers

Axial-to-Central Chirality Conversion

Author: Li Grundl

11 December 2017 – From axially chiral naphthols to chiral α-halogenated ketones via halogenative dearomatization

thumbnail image: Axial-to-Central Chirality Conversion

Electrochemical C–H Functionalization

Author: Li Grundl

08 December 2017 – An electrochemical αC-H thiocyanation and sulfenylation of ketones with a dual catalysts system

thumbnail image: Electrochemical C–H Functionalization

Stereocontrolled Radical-Recombination

Author: Li Grundl

06 December 2017 – Visible-light-activated asymmetric C-H functionalization via a stereocontrolled radical-radical recombination

thumbnail image: Stereocontrolled Radical-Recombination

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