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3D Projection Like in Star Wars


26 January 2018 – High-resolution 3D images projected in the middle of the room

thumbnail image: 3D Projection Like in Star Wars

Sensitive, Simultaneous Gas Measurement


07 January 2018 – Simultaneous measurement of small ammonia and formaldehyde concentrations in indoor

thumbnail image: Sensitive, Simultaneous Gas Measurement

ChemPubSoc Europe's Daily Research

Author: ChemViews

01 January 2018 – The latest chemistry from ChemPubSoc Europe journals – updated daily

thumbnail image: ChemPubSoc Europe's Daily Research

Editors' Choice: Spotlights from ChemPubSoc Europe

Author: ChemViews

01 January 2018 – Selection of just published articles from ChemPubSoc Europe journals

thumbnail image: Editors' Choice: Spotlights from ChemPubSoc Europe

Latte Macchiato and Physics


17 December 2017 – How do the colored layers in the coffee glass form?

thumbnail image: Latte Macchiato and Physics

Electrochemical C–H Functionalization

Author: Li Grundl

08 December 2017 – An electrochemical αC-H thiocyanation and sulfenylation of ketones with a dual catalysts system

thumbnail image: Electrochemical C–H Functionalization

Searching for Christmas Presents?


01 December 2017 – Editors recommend science-themed holiday gift ideas

thumbnail image: Searching for Christmas Presents?

Ice Melting under Pressure


14 November 2017 – Transition from ice into a quasi-liquid phase under pressure directly observed for the first time

thumbnail image: Ice Melting under Pressure

Computationally Guided Catalyst Design

Author: Li Grundl

30 October 2017 – First catalyst-controlled asymmetric allenic Pauson-Khand reaciton guided by computational studies

thumbnail image: Computationally Guided Catalyst Design

Methane Powered Alkaline Fuel Cell


29 October 2017 – Alkaline fuel cells with Gortex-based electrodes are powered efficiently by methane containing 5 % hydrogen

thumbnail image: Methane Powered Alkaline Fuel Cell

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