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Free Impact of ownership structure along the value chain in the manufacturing business
Jan H. Scholtz
AIChE Journal
Free Dividing Wall Column as Energy Saving Retrofit Technology
Helmut Jansen, Igor Dejanović, Thomas Rietfort, Žarko Olujić
Chemie Ingenieur Technik
Free State-of-the-Art of Advanced Distillation Technologies in China
Hong Li, Yan Wu, Xingang Li, Xin Gao
Chemical Engineering & Technology
Free Investigation of distillation systems using heavy or intermediate entrainers for separating toluene–methanol: process economics and control
Jian Ma, Weisong Li, Chunli Ni, et al.
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology
Free Cultivation of Microalgae in Municipal Wastewater and Conversion by Hydrothermal Carbonization: A Review
Benjamin Hupfauf, Michael Süß, Alexander Dumfort, et al.
ChemBioEng Reviews
Free Warming-Up Effects of Phase Change Materials on Lithium-Ion Batteries Operated at Low Temperatures
Ziye Ling, Xiaoyan Wen, Prof. Dr. Zhengguo Zhang, et al.
Energy Technology
Free Energy and paper recycling: Modelling the time and energy requirements for low consistency batch repulping
Frank Saville, Mark Martinez, James Olson, et al.
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
  Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering
Free Energy saving and noise reduction of flow mixing performance intensified by rigid-flexible combination impeller
Zuohua Liu, Haixian He, Jun Zhu, Renlong Liu, et al.
Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering
  Curtin University
Free Floating photovoltaic arrays to power the mining industry: A case study for the McFaulds lake (Ring of Fire)
Kim Trapani, Dean L. Millar
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy
Free Integration of Nine Steps into One Membrane Reactor To Produce Synthesis Gases for Ammonia and Liquid Fuel
Wenping Li, Xuefeng Zhu, Shuguang Chen, Weishen Yang
Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Free Carbon Materials for Lithium Sulfur Batteries—Ten Critical Questions
Lars Borchardt, Martin Oschatz, Stefan Kaskel
Chemistry - A European Journal
  ChemPubSoc Europe
Free The Prospects for Biogas Integration with Fuel Cells in the United Kingdom
S. Torija, A. Castillo-Castillo, N. P. Brandon
Fuel Cells
Free Easy Chemical Safety Prediction
Erika Kunz, Bruno Hubesch
ChemViews Magazine
  ChemPubSoc Europe
Free Transforming exoelectrogens for biotechnology using synthetic biology
Michaela A. TerAvest and Caroline M. Ajo-Franklin
Biotechnology and Bioengineering


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