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Picture by Isabel Köhl
Crystals of iodophenol in n-pentane as the solvent.
To crystallize the iodophenol n-pentane was put on the reaction mixture and the next morning you get this wonderful looking crystals.

Picture by Felix Kortmann
Crystals of triphenylphosphine oxide.

Picture by Jacob Cox
The luminescence of titanium dioxide by 254 nm wavelength for the oxidation of water for hydrogen yield.

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Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture by Vaishali Agte
A variety of green shades were obtained using edible plant extracts (in test tubes No. 3, 4 and 5) and change of pH which are useful as food colors.

Picture by Christos Pantazidis
Everybody loves chemistry, even chemistry itself. This shape was found in a mixture of KI with CuSO4•5H2O in an aqueous solution.

Picture by Christos Pantazidis
If this piece of metal could speak, it would say "ouch". This metal opener was left in an acidic environment and the result was rather beautiful.

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Picture 9

Picture by Christos Pantazidis
Bubbles are always beautiful! Addition of sodium carbonate to vinegar. While forming sodium acetate, carbon dioxide leaves the solution in the form of lovely bubbles.

Picture by Sven Adrian

"White" rose colored using blue and red ink.

Picture by Honghai Liu

This beautiful structure of foam was found while cleaning chemical apparatus.

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture by Christos Pantazidis

Colors! Different colors, textures, and odors! What more could a chemist possibly ask for?

Picture by Honghai Liu

The fun of chemical construction – we can play with it like Lego blocks.

   Picture by Yu Feng

   Chromatic chemical life.

Picture 13

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Picture 15

Picture by Girish Gupta

Drying of benzene using sodium wire
– A wonderful view!

Picture by Claudia Reidlinger

Making slime!

   Picture by Vinod Kumar

   Without TLC an organic chemist is blind.

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