Picture Competition 2013

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Picture 31

Picture 32

Picture 33

Picture by Robert Pullar
Hexagonal micro fried egg

SEM image of hexagonal ferrite crystal, showing growth on hexagonal edges, and a new layer beginning to grow by seemingly liquid phase growth on the surface.

Picture by Robert Pullar

The ferrite Badlands – stacking of crystal layers

High contrast SEM image of the many layers of growth seen in a hexagonal ferrite crystal, like a landscape of eroded mountain features, but on a micron scale.

Picture by Marisa Rocha


Picture 34

Picture 35

Picture 36

Picture by Marisa Rocha

Liquid Crystal

Picture by Marisa Rocha

Quinquephenyl Crystals

Picture by Marisa Rocha

Sapphire Window

Picture 37

Picture 38

Picture 39

Picture by Marisa Rocha


Picture by Ben Boeser

Beam me up!
A 1064 nm light from a Nd:YAG laser doubled to 532 nm (green) by passing through a BBO crystal. Orange beamblockers were installed for safety.

Picture by Nils Böckenfeld
Sol-gel synthesis of sodium vanadium phoshate (You see a V4+ to V3+ transition on the fly)

Picture 40

Picture 41

Picture 42

Picture by Denise Schneider
Sauron’s Eye or lonesome funnel?

 Picture by Denise Schneider

The Brownian motion in connection with a redox reaction

A piece of sodium in water together with an indicator.

Picture by Denise Schneider

Fascinating Fluorescence!

Shot during an experimental lecture.

Picture 43

Picture 44

Picture 45

Picture by Minxi Rao
Crystal Violet and Biofilms

Silicibacter grown in 12-well plates; biofilms stained by crystal violet.

Picture by Sabrina Schott
Surface Tension

Platinum ring and thermometer of a Du-Noüy-Ring-Tensiometer, which is used to measure the surface tension of liquids.

Picture by Peter Heinrichs
Beauty of Bismuth

A small Bismuth crystal we crystallized in lab.

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