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Picture 91

Picture 92

Picture 93

Picture by Oana Fronoiu
Another Day in the Lab

Picture by Oana Fronoiu


Picture by Oana Fronoiu

Controlled Release of Drugs

Picture 94

Picture 95

Picture 96

Picture by Oana Fronoiu

Red Cabbage - pH Indicator

Picture by Oana Fronoiu

Vintage Lab

Picture by Lidia Minza
Magic Milk


Picture 97

Picture 98

Picture 99

Picture by Lidia Minza

Mess in the Lab!

Picture by Mirela Suchea

Ancient beauty

A digitally colored scanning electron image of crystalline silver grown onto copper in a silver nitrate solution to give a "silver-tree" or, going back to the times of the alchemists, "Arbor Dianæ".

Picture by Farah Brangakgi

Fehling Solution

Boiling Fehling 1 and Fehling 2 solutions containing sugar. A brown color precipitate should appear.

Picture 100

Picture 101

Picture 102

Picture by Charles Bou Nader

Laboratory Fumehood for Homogeneous Catalysis Experiments

A sudden idea related to a mechanism emerges during an experiment. Unfortunately, you have nothing to write on except "the hood". Sometimes inspiration gets the best of you and there is no time to waste! The beauty of chemistry comes from our creativity and imagination, allowing us to push even further the limits of our knowledge and therefore our curiosity.

Picture by Ruba Jarrar

Simple Filtration

Picture by Zahra Rashedi

Recovery of Chemical Wastes

Picture 103

Picture 104

Picture 105

Picture by Lidia Minza

Colorful science!!!
Coloring some flowers with food coloring

Picture by Lidia Minza

Testing the polymer!
Polyacrylate sodium is used for nappies. Here we are testing the water absorbtion by using water containing food coloring.

 Picture by Lidia Minza

Making a Rainbow
By mixing salt solutions you can make a rainbow appear!

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