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Behind the Science: How to Store Hydrogen

Author: Cordula Buse, Karsten Müller

02 July 2019 — Cordula Buse talked to Karsten Müller, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, about the state of hydrogen storage technologies

How to Store Hydrogen

Behind the Science: Calibrating Light Sources for Photochemistry

Author: Deanne Nolan, Alexander Heckel

02 July 2019 — D. Nolan, ChemPhotoChem, talked to A. Heckel, University of Frankfurt about his work on a new universal chemical actinometer

Calibrating Light Sources for Photochemistry

Behind the Science: How Does Methylaluminoxane Work?

Author: Arlette Itken-Fuder, Scott McIndoe

07 May 2019 — A. Itken-Fuder talked to S. McIndoe, University of Victoria, Canada, about the influence of additives on the mechanism of action of methylaluminoxane

How Does Methylaluminoxane Work?

Behind the Science: Solvent-Free Synthesis of Pillar[5]arene‐Containing [2]Rotaxanes

Author: Charlotte Gers-Panther, Jean-François Nierengarten

02 April 2019 — C. Gers-Panther, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, talked to J.-F. Nierengarten, University of Strasbourg, about mechanochemical reactions

Solvent-Free Synthesis of Pillar[5]arene‐Containing [2]Rotaxanes

Behind the Science: Improved Structural Characterization of Lignins

Author: David Smith, Pieter Bruijnincx

05 March 2019 — D. Smith, ChemSusChem, talked to P. Bruijnincx, Utrecht University, about an alternative for the complex technical lignin characterization process

Improved Structural Characterization of Lignins

Behind the Science: Reducing Heavy-Metal Load in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Author: Kira Welter, Masaru Yao

05 March 2019 — K. Welter, ChemPhysChem, talked to M. Yao, Osaka, Japan, about his work on anthraquinone-based oligomers in batteries

Reducing Heavy-Metal Load in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Behind the Science: Cleaving Double Bonds in Fullerene Derivatives

Author: Jonathan Faiz, Yasujiro Murata

05 February 2019 — J. Faiz, ChemPlusChem, talked to Y. Murata, Kyoto University, Japan, about his work on open-cage fullerene derivatives

Cleaving Double Bonds in Fullerene Derivatives

Behind the Science: Lead‐Free Semiconductors

Author: Claire M. Cobley, Javier Vela

17 January 2019 — C. Cobley, ChemNanoMat, talked to J. Vela, Iowa State University, USA, about his work on germanium-based semiconductor nanoparticles

Lead‐Free Semiconductors

Behind the Science: Antibody‐Targeted Cancer Therapy

Author: David Peralta, Hyun-Soon (Joy) Chong

01 January 2019 — D. Peralta, ChemMedChem, talked to H.-S. Chong, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, about her work on antibody‐targeted cancer therapy

Antibody‐Targeted Cancer Therapy

Behind the Science: When a Nanoparticle Hits an Electrode

Author: Kate Lawrence, Kristina Tschulik

06 November 2018 — K. Lawrence, ChemElectroChem, talked to K. Tschulik, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, about her work on nano impact experiments

When a Nanoparticle Hits an Electrode
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