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Behind the Science: Enantioselective Preparation of δ-Valerolactones

Author: Kevin Jones

01 July 2014 — Dr. K. Jones, Associate Editor for ChemCatChem, talks to Professor V. Gotor-Fernandez, University of Oviedo, Spain, about his recent article

Enantioselective Preparation of δ-Valerolactones

Behind the Science: Small-Molecule Proteomimetic Inhibitors

Author: Meghan Campbell

06 May 2014 — Dr. M. Campbell, Associate Editor for ChemBioChem, talks to Professor A. Wilson, University of Leeds, UK, about his recent article

Small-Molecule Proteomimetic Inhibitors

Behind the Science: Stereoselective N–H Insertion-Arylation Reactions of Nitrodiazoesters

Author: Richard Threlfall

01 April 2014 — Dr. R. Threlfall talks to Professor A. Mattson about her article on stereoselective N–H insertion-arylation reactions of nitrodiazoesters

Stereoselective N–H Insertion-Arylation Reactions of Nitrodiazoesters

Behind the Science: Copolymerization of Metal Nanoparticles

Author: Jonathan Faiz

19 February 2014 — Dr. Jonathan Faiz talks to Professor Eugenia Kumacheva about her article on the assembly of metal nanoparticles

Copolymerization of Metal Nanoparticles

Behind the Science: Phthalocyanine-based Nanocages

Author: Kate Lawrence

03 December 2013 — Dr. Kate Lawrence talks to Professor Sun about his article on phthalocyanine (Pc)-based nanocages

Phthalocyanine-based Nanocages
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