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Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic – Shennong

Author: Sophie Lin

03 December 2013 — The inhabitants of the Wonderlab discuss the myth of Shennong and ponder on the chemicals found in our food

Wonderlab Comic – Shennong

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic – Thin Layer Chromatography

Author: Sophie Lin

05 November 2013 — Jo's lessons in analytical techniques continue with a lesson in thin layer chromatography

Wonderlab Comic – Thin Layer Chromatography

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic – Mass Spectrometry

Author: Sophie Lin

01 October 2013 — Jo learns how to obtain a mass spectrum

Wonderlab Comic – Mass Spectrometry

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic – Lab Journal

Author: Sophie Lin

03 September 2013 — The occupants of Wonderlab learn the importance of keeping their lab journals up to date

Wonderlab Comic – Lab Journal

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab – Hazardous Chemicals

Author: Sophie Lin

06 August 2013 — The occupants of Wonderlab prepare for the annual safety check

Wonderlab – Hazardous Chemicals

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic – The Forgotten Savior

Author: Sophie Lin

04 June 2013 — Regular checks of the safety equipment in the lab are very important as the occupants of Wonderlab find out

Wonderlab Comic – The Forgotten Savior

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic – Save My Phone!

Author: Sophie Lin

07 May 2013 — Richpunzel resorts to extreme measures to dry her new phone after an accident

Wonderlab Comic – Save My Phone!

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic – April Fools' Day

Author: Sophie Lin

02 April 2013 — Sophie and Jin-Jo play a practical joke on Catman and not only ruin his reaction, but also his day

Wonderlab Comic – April Fools' Day

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic – Liquid Nitrogen

Author: Sophie Lin

05 March 2013 — After seeing a ghostly apparition, Jin-Jo learns that he should never share the elevator with a Dewar of liquid nitrogen

Wonderlab Comic – Liquid Nitrogen

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic – Waste Disposal

Author: Sophie Lin

05 February 2013 — What to do with that left-over reaction mixture – Gin-Jo learns the hard way

Wonderlab Comic – Waste Disposal
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