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Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — Open

Author: Sophie Lin

06 March 2012 — In every lab there are three cursed objects that should never be opened — Wonderlab is no different ...

Wonderlab Comic — Open

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — Solar Energy

Author: Sophie Lin

07 February 2012 — Sophie explores the potential of solar energy to save the world and gets the recognition she deserves

Wonderlab Comic — Solar Energy

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — Fashion Chemistry

Author: Sophie Lin

05 January 2012 — The naming of the new elements causes a stir in the Wonderlab

Wonderlab Comic — Fashion Chemistry

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — Conference

Author: Sophie Lin

05 December 2011 — Wonderlab is hosting a conference and the attitude of each lab member turns out to be quite revealing

Wonderlab Comic — Conference

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — Power Outage

Author: Sophie Lin

02 November 2011 — Wonderlab is undergoing some scheduled maintenance and Sophie is sure she turned everything off

Wonderlab Comic — Power Outage

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — NMR

Author: Sophie Lin

04 October 2011 — Gin-Jo discovers what the M in NMR stands for in the latest installment of Wonderlab

Wonderlab Comic — NMR

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — Gloves

Author: Sophie Lin

02 August 2011 — Gin-Jo and Sophie discover the importance of wearing — and removing — gloves

Wonderlab Comic — Gloves

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — Die Leiden der Jungen Richpunzel

Author: Sophie Lin

06 July 2011 — Richpunzel poors her lab-based sorrows out to her diary in the latest Wonderlab installment

Wonderlab Comic — Die Leiden der Jungen Richpunzel

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — Alcohol Lamp

Author: Sophie Lin

07 June 2011 — It's Gin-Jo's birthday in the Wonderlab and Sophie has arranged a little surprise

Wonderlab Comic — Alcohol Lamp

Wonderlab Cartoon: Wonderlab Comic — Goggles

Author: Sophie Lin

03 May 2011 — Everything is back-to-front when an accident in Wonderlab turns Sophie into the safety monitor

Wonderlab Comic — Goggles
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