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Spotlight: Chemistry Escape Room for Students

Author: Maximilian Pohle, Veit Haensch

05 February 2019 — High-school students had to solve riddles using their power of deduction and their chemical knowledge—all survived

Chemistry Escape Room for Students

Interview: Good Environmental Policy in the Face of Uncertainty

Author: Vera Koester, Axel Singhofen

05 February 2019 — Interview with Axel Singhofen who advises the Greens/European Free Alliance (EFA) in the European Parliament

Good Environmental Policy in the Face of Uncertainty

Focus: New Year’s Eve Chemistry

Author: ChemViews Magazine

31 December 2018 — Impress your friends on the New Year's Eve party with these chemistry-based facts

New Year’s Eve Chemistry

Clever Picture: The Science Behind Candles

Author: ChemViews Magazine

25 December 2018 — What you need to know about the flame of a candle

The Science Behind Candles

Interview: Problem-Oriented Learning with Activated Students

Author: Vera Koester, Volker C. Hass (© picture Furtwangen University)

04 December 2018 — Volker C. Hass developed a training simulator allowing to play through the entire process of producing biotechnological products

Problem-Oriented Learning with Activated Students

Noteworthy: Second European Employment Survey


01 December 2018 — Insights into education, employment, career opportunities, and salary across Europe

Second European Employment Survey

Spotlight: Overhaul of SI Units

Author: Vera Koester

16 November 2018 — The mole and three other metric units redefined and linked to the values of physical constants

Overhaul of SI Units

Interview: Benefits of a Mentee and a Mentor

Author: Vera Köster, Markus Haider, Julia Tyrach

06 November 2018 — Julia Tyrach and Markus Haider share their experiences with CheMento

Benefits of a Mentee and a Mentor

Interview: Authoring Olympiad-Level Chemistry Exams

Author: Kim Meyer, Petra Ménová, Ondřej Šimůnek, Erik Szabó

11 October 2018 — Three members of the team speak about their experiences and motivations

Authoring Olympiad-Level Chemistry Exams

Interview: Digitalization of the Process Industry

Author: Vera Köster, Norbert Kockmann

02 October 2018 — N. Kockmann about his ideas on digitalization in industry and at universities, life-long learning, and the history of process engineering

Digitalization of the Process Industry
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