150 Years BASF

BASF celebrates 150 years of research in chemistry with some outstanding experiences throughout 2015. The company will use the anniversary year as a space for creating ideas by connecting people and explore new ways of understanding ...

… the energy we consume,

… the food we produce and eat, and

… how we live together in cities.

In three global science symposia BASF invites more than 1500 scientists from academia and industry as well as the online scientific community to generate new ideas together. Ludwigshafen is the first in this series of conferences. Follow the thoughts and visions of renowned speakers, join the discussions – and be part of the solutions.

ChemistryViews.org will compile articles and videos related to the BASF science symposia on this page.


Sustainable Urban Living

Challenges of Artificial Photosynthesis

Science Symposium in Shanghai,
November 10 – 11, 2015.
At the heart of research is not so much the question as to how we will live tomorrow but what can we do to improve our lives in the future.
(snapshots of the event)

Membrane science: a solution for major global challenges

Membrane Science: A Solution for Major Global Challenges,
(Neal) Tai-Shung Chung (National University of Singapore)
Creator Space October 20, 2015.

BASF Science Symposium “Sustainable Urban Living”: Importance of Crash Safety for Future Urban Traffic

Importance of Crash Safety for Future Urban Traffic,
Qing Zhou (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)
Creator Space November 09, 2015.



We Create Chemistry

History and future of BASF

We Create Chemistry for a Sustainable Future,
ChemViews Mag. February 15, 2015.
Commemorating the 150th anniversary of BASF, highlights from the company's history are given as well as a vision for the future

(talk at Science Symposium in Ludwigshafen)



Future Energy Supply

Challenges of Artificial Photosynthesis

Challenges of Artificial Photosynthesis,
ChemViews Mag. February 12, 2015.
Artificial photosynthesis is seen as the most promising method for sustainable fuel and chemical production

(plenary talk at Science Symposium in Ludwigshafen)



Sustainable Energy Consumption

Prototype of Magnetocaloric Wine Cooler; 150 years BASF

Magnetocaloric Refrigeration: Reinventing the Fridge?,
Ekkes Brück, (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
Creator Space February 13, 2015.

(talk at Science Symposium in Ludwigshafen)

Will magnetocaloric materials make cooling more efficient?
Prototype of Magnetocaloric Wine Cooler; 150 years BASF

Prototype of Magnetocaloric Wine Cooler,
Veronika Belusa,
ChemistryViews.org January 13, 2015.
Energy-efficient refrigeration systems operate with less noise and use water-based coolants instead of gaseous refrigerants


Energy Efficient Chemical Production

Future of Distillation; 150 years BASF

The Future of Distillation – Industries’ Most Energy-Intense Technology,
Andrzej Górak,
Creator Space February 18, 2015.
A. Górak, TU Dortmund, discusses opportunities on how to improve the energy consumption and efficiency of distillation

(talk at Science Symposium in Ludwigshafen)

The Future of Distillation – Industries’ Most Energy-Intense Technology


Materials For Energy Technology

Materials for Energy Technology

Materials for Energy Technology,
Claudia Felser,
Creator Space March 04, 2015.
Claudia Felser discusses the fascinating functionalities of Heusler compounds and what needs to be done to develop new materials for energy technology

(plenary talk at Science Symposium in Ludwigshafen)

Role of Heusler Compounds for Smart Energy


Creator Space Trailer

Creator Space Science Symposia

Video about Creator Space Science Symposia,

Be part of the discussions and follow the speakers in latest research topics.


Anniversary Event "150 Years BASF"

150 Years BASF anniversary event Ludwigshafen

Video about the anniversary event in Ludwigshafen,

BASF invited more than 1,000 international guests from the fields of politics, economics, science and society for the official ceremony to the BASF Feierabendhaus in Ludwigshafen, Germany.. Speakers were Dr. Angela Merkel (German Chancellor), Malu Dreyer (Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate) and Dr. Kurt Bock (Chairman of BASF SE).




As part of the celebrations, Angewandte Chemie has published a special issue:

Angewandte Chemie 11/2015: 150 Years of BASF



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