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Biotechnology Journal Essay Competition – Closed

Author: Judy Peng

06 June 2012 – As part of World Environment Day, students are invited to contribute an essay on how biotechnology can contribute to the green economy

thumbnail image: Biotechnology Journal Essay Competition <sub>– Closed</sub>

The Flame Challenge – Closed

Author: ChemistryViews

30 March 2012 – Explaining Science: share your love of science, and be judged by a panel of 11-year-olds

thumbnail image: The Flame Challenge <sub>– Closed</sub>

Call For CHEMCARS 2012 – Closed

Author: kreative junge Verfahrensingenieure

15 March 2012 – Compete in a car race with unusual rules by designing and building a shoebox-sized car powered by a chemical reaction

thumbnail image: Call For CHEMCARS 2012 <sub>– Closed</sub>

Stockholm Junior Water Prize – Closed

Author: ChemistryViews

06 February 2012 – World's most prestigious youth award for a water-related science project

thumbnail image: Stockholm Junior Water Prize <sub>– Closed</sub>

National Retrosynthesis Competition (UK) – Closed

Author: ChemistryViews

02 December 2011 – The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) has launched retrosynthesis competition for UK-based chemistry graduates and post-graduates

thumbnail image: National Retrosynthesis Competition (UK) <sub>– Closed</sub>

2012 Small World Photomicrography Competition – Closed

Author: ChemistryViews

20 October 2011 – Every year, Nikon holds a contest for photomicrographers who make important scientific contributions to life sciences, bio-research, and materials science

thumbnail image: 2012 Small World Photomicrography Competition <sub>– Closed</sub>

Alltag 2050: Chemische Zukunftsvisionen – Closed

Author: ChemistryViews

18 October 2011 – Answer questions covering chemistry, biotechnology, engineering, perform exciting experiments in your kitchen and win prizes

thumbnail image: Alltag 2050: Chemische Zukunftsvisionen <sub>– Closed</sub>

Balloon Competition of the Young Chemists Forum – Closed

Author: Christian Stutz

04 September 2011 – IYC 2011 Balloon Competition is organized by the JungChemikerForum (Young Chemists Forum) of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker

thumbnail image: Balloon Competition of the Young Chemists Forum <sub>– Closed</sub>

Everybody – Many – 60 – 15 – 4

Author: Birgit Vieler (Representative for the International Chemistry Olympiad for North Rhine-Westphalia)/Photos: © Birgit Vieler

02 August 2011 – German selection process for the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) from the North Rhine-Westphalian point of view and its success

thumbnail image: Everybody – Many – 60 – 15 – 4

International Chemistry Olympiad – Closed

Author: O. Yavuz Ataman and ChemistryViews

09 July 2011 – High school students from around the globe take part in the International Chemistry Olympiad for the 43rd time

thumbnail image: International Chemistry Olympiad  <sub>– Closed</sub>

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