Photo & Video Competition 2016


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Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Fluorescent NMR sample under UV light


Photo by Sven Laron

I see this every morning.

"Fluorescent NMR sample under UV light"

Photo by Magdolna Csávás

Our first fluorescent glycopeptide antibiotic against multiresistant strains

"Copper(II) sulfate"

Photo by Ştefan Raul

I love the way crystals form, because they're very nice pieces of molecular architecture.

Entry 4

Entry 5

Entry 6

"Great experiment in the laboratory"

Photo by Herry Wijayanto

This is a very unpleasant job for me.

"Selfie Stick"

Photo by Rukan Genc

It is an adjustable selfie stick that one of my students made from plastic pipettes for UV imaging of fluorescent samples. He was so bored doing it by hand.

"Clay Nanoparticles"

Photo by David Mutegi Marikah

It is an HRTEM image of clay nanoparticles from my M.Sc. project, which involves the development of water purification materials from siliceous nanoparticles for the remedation of lead, cadmium, and pentachlorophenol.



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