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Advanced Materials Interfaces

Editorial Board: .

Publication Date: 28 May 2014

Provides a forum on topics of surface and interface science with a wide choice of formats

thumbnail image: Advanced Materials Interfaces

Advanced Materials Interfaces

Editorial Board: .

Publication Date: 11 November 2013

Covers the physics and chemistry at surfaces and interfaces which relate to functional materials in the nano/micro field comprising surfaces, solid/liquid interfaces, solid/solid interfaces, and liquid/liquid interfaces

thumbnail image: Advanced Materials Interfaces

Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis

Editorial Board: Chairman: Eric N. Jacobsen, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

Publication Date: 14 June 2010

Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis (ASC) is the leading primary journal in organic, organometallic, and applied chemistry.

thumbnail image: Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis

Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Editorial Board: Annette G. Beck-Sickinger (Chair)

Publisher: Wiley-VCH & GDCh

Publication Date: 01 January 1962

Angewandte Chemie International Edition is one of the prime chemistry journals in the world

thumbnail image: Angewandte Chemie International Edition


Editorial Board: Chairs: Hermenegildo García, A. Stephen K. Hashmi, Wolfgang Kroutil

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

Publication Date: 01 August 2009

A top-ranking journal for the entire catalysis community that provides primary research papers and critical secondary information on heterogeneous, homogeneous, and biocatalysis, strengthening cross-communication within and between these communities

thumbnail image: ChemCatChem


Editorial Board: Bing-Wei Mao, Wolfgang Schuhmann, Jean-Marie Tarascon (Co-Chairs of the Editorial Board)

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

Publication Date: 01 January 2014

A top-ranking electrochemistry journal for primary research papers and critical secondary information from authors across the world

thumbnail image: ChemElectroChem


Editorial Board: EiC: Vera Koester

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

Publication Date: 25 May 2010

The online-magazine of Chemistry Europe

thumbnail image: ChemistryViews

Chinese Journal of Chemistry

Editorial Board: Guozhen, Ji, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

Publication Date: 14 June 2010

International forum for peer-reviewed original research results in all fields of chemistry; founded in 1983 under the name Acta Chimica Sinica English Edition and renamed in 1990

thumbnail image: Chinese Journal of Chemistry

Global Challenges

Editorial Board: Georg Feulner, Peter Lund, Spencer Henson, Steven J. Hoffman, John-Arne Røttingen, David Butler

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Publication Date: 28 October 2015

Peer reviewed multidisciplinary open access journal that publishes original research articles, reviews and commentaries covering a broad spectrum of current global challenges

thumbnail image: Global Challenges

Helvetica Chimica Acta

Editorial Board: Eva Hevia, Bern, Switzerland, and Jérôme Waser, Lausanne, Switzerland (Editors-in-Chief)

Publisher: Wiley-VHCA AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Publication Date: 01 January 1917

Monthly multidisciplinary journal founded by the Swiss Chemical Society in 1917

thumbnail image: Helvetica Chimica Acta

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