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Free SnO2@TiO2 Heterojunction Nanostructures for Lithium-Ion Batteries and Self-Powered UV Photodetectors with Improved Performances
Xiaojuan Hou, Xianfu Wang, Bin Liu, Qiufan Wang, Zhuoran Wang, Di Chen, Guozhen Shen

Free Climbing the Activity Volcano: Core–Shell Ru@Pt Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction
Ariel Jackson, Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan, Arnold J. Forman, Ask H. Larsen, Jens K. Nørskov, Thomas F. Jaramillo

Free Highly Disordered Carbon as a Superior Anode Material for Room-Temperature Sodium-Ion Batteries
Xiaosi Zhou, Yu-Guo Guo

Free High-Performance Lithium–Sulfur Batteries Based on Ionic-Liquid Electrolytes with Bis(fluorolsufonyl)imide Anions and Sulfur-Encapsulated Highly Disordered Activated Carbon
Gregory Salitra, Elena Markevich, Ariel Rosenman, Yosef Talyosef, Doron Aurbach, Arnd Garsuch

Free Optimization of the Probe Coverage in DNA Biosensors by a One-Step Coadsorption Procedure
Thomas Doneux, Aurore De Rache, Eléonore Triffaux, Anne Meunier, Marc Steichen, Claudine Buess-Herman

Free High-Performance Hybrid Supercapacitor Based on Graphene-Wrapped Li4Ti5O12 and Activated Carbon
Haegyeom Kim, Kyu-Young Park, Min-Young Cho, Mok-Hwa Kim, Jihyun Hong, Sung-Kyun Jung, Kwang Chul Roh, Kisuk Kang

Free Effective Separation of Lithium Anode and Sulfur Cathode in Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
Alen Vizintin, Manu U. M. Patel, Bostjan Genorio, Robert Dominko

Free Enhanced Lithium-Storage Performance from Three-Dimensional MoS2 Nanosheets/Carbon Nanotube Paper
Hongsen Li, Xiaoyan Wang, Bing Ding, Gang Pang, Ping Nie, Laifa Shen, Xiaogang Zhang


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