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Book: Organic Reaction Mechanisms, 2005

  • 19 December 2008
  • Author: Chris Knipe, W. E. Watts

Organic Reaction Mechanisms, 2005 is the 41st volume in this classical series. In every volume, the content is divided in the different classes of org...

thumbnail image: Organic Reaction Mechanisms 2005

Book: Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 26

  • 25 November 2008
  • Author: Kenneth B. Lipkowitz, Thomas R. Cundari, Donald B. Boyd

Computational chemistry is increasingly used in conjunction with organic, inorganic, medicinal, biological, physical, and analytical chemistry, biotec...

thumbnail image: Reviews in Computational Chemistry Volume 26

Book: Colloids in Agrochemicals: Volume 5: Colloids and Interface Science

  • 15 April 2009
  • Author: Tharwat F. Tadros

The first modern approach to relate fundamental research to the applied science of colloids, this series bridges academic research and industrial appl...

thumbnail image: Colloids in Agrochemicals Volume 5 Colloids and Interface Science

Book: Photoelectrochemical Materials and Energy Conversion Processes

  • 15 December 2010
  • Author: Richard C. Alkire, Dieter M. Kolb, Jacek Lipkowski, Phil Ross

An international group of leading scientists from the field has contributed to the 12th volume in this series, covering a range of different types of ...

thumbnail image: Photoelectrochemical Materials and Energy Conversion Processes

Book: Fiesers' Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Volume 25

  • 08 December 2009
  • Author: Tse-Lok Ho

The highly successful Fieser & Fieser series has provided several generations of professional chemists and students with an up-to-date survey of t...

thumbnail image: Fiesers Reagents for Organic Synthesis Volume 25

Book: Macromolecules: Volume 4: Applications of Polymers

  • 13 May 2009
  • Author: Hans-Georg Elias

"Macromolecules" provides a broad survey of the entire subject; integrated representations of chemistry, physics, and technology; precise descriptions...

thumbnail image: Macromolecules Volume 4 Applications of Polymers

Book: Handbook of Green Chemistry - Green Catalysis

  • 28 January 2009
  • Author: Paul T. Anastas, Robert H. Crabtree

In a world where the emphasis has shifted to being as Green and environmentally friendly as possible, leads to the requirement of this important 3-boo...

thumbnail image: Handbook of Green Chemistry - Green Catalysis

Book: Handbook of Reagents, 4 Volume Set

  • 28 January 2010
  • Author: Gary Molander

EROS has become a brand name for high quality information on organic reagents. For chemists at the bench we have developed the series of Handbooks of ...

Book: The Chemistry of Metal Enolates

  • 28 April 2009
  • Author: Jacob Zabicky

Metal Enolates form a class of compounds that have recently received much study because of their part in the important C-C-bond forming aldol reaction...

thumbnail image: The Chemistry of Metal Enolates

Book: International Tables for Crystallography, Volume B, 3rd Edition, Reciprocal Space

  • 15 August 2008
  • Author: U. Shmueli

International Tables for Crystallography is the definitive resource and reference work for crystallography and structural science. Each of the eight v...

thumbnail image: International Tables for Crystallography Volume B 3rd Edition Reciprocal Space
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