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Magazine: Ernesto Fattorusso (1937 – 2012)

  • 10 July 2012
  • Author: ChemViews

Professor Ernesto Fattorusso, University of Naples, Italy, passed away on July 7, 2012

thumbnail image: Ernesto Fattorusso 1937  2012

Magazine: Organikerdagarna Poster Prize

  • 14 August 2010
  • Author: Eur. J. Org. Chem.

Poster prizes awarded at Organikerdagarna 2010 by the European Journal of Organic Chemistry

thumbnail image: Organikerdagarna Poster Prize

Magazine: Straightforward Synthesis of Nitriles

  • 24 July 2011
  • Author: ChemViews

Straightforward iron-catalyzed synthesis of nitriles by dehydration of primary amides

thumbnail image: Straightforward Synthesis of Nitriles

Magazine: Plain to See

  • 11 May 2010
  • Author: Eur. J. Org. Chem.

New contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging of tumors

thumbnail image: Plain to See

Magazine: Written in Red

  • 08 July 2010
  • Author: Eur. J. Org. Chem.

New red-light emitting carbopyronine dyes for optical microscopy and nanoscopy technology developed

thumbnail image: Written in Red

Magazine: Most Popular Addition – Most Cited Article

  • 13 February 2012
  • Author: European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Most-cited article in the ISI subject category “Chemistry, Organic” – microreview on organocatalytic 1,4-conjugate additions

thumbnail image: Most Popular Addition  Most Cited Article

Magazine: Enantioselective Synthesis of Anti-Influenza Agent

  • 23 April 2011
  • Author: ChemViews

A flexible, cascade approach to the total synthesis of stachyflin could speed the development of potential anti-influenza A agents

thumbnail image: Enantioselective Synthesis of Anti-Influenza Agent

Magazine: Convergent Dendrimer Synthesis

  • 10 February 2011
  • Author: ChemViews

First synthesizing the dendron, then attaching it to suitable cores provides a versatile toolbox for dendrimer assembly

thumbnail image: Convergent Dendrimer Synthesis

Magazine: Geometric Aspects of Aromaticity

  • 21 November 2010
  • Author: ChemViews

Interrelations between intramolecular hydrogen bonds, steric effects and π-electron delocalisation in nitroanilines

thumbnail image: Geometric Aspects of Aromaticity

Magazine: Salt Regulated Fluorescence Switching

  • 27 April 2011
  • Author: ChemViews

First chemosensor that turns fluorescence on in the presence of fluoride ions developed by researchers in Korea

thumbnail image: Salt Regulated Fluorescence Switching
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