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Magazine: Wonderlab Comic – Application Season

  • 04 December 2012
  • Author: Sophie Lin

With stiff competition for Ph.D. positions, mediocre student Jin-Jo is advised by his Wonderlab colleagues to get his application in early

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  Application Season

Magazine: Wonderlab Comic — I Major in Chemistry

  • 03 April 2012
  • Author: Sophie Lin

Have you ever found yourself in one of these familiar situations when you tell people you are a chemist?

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  I Major in Chemistry

Magazine: Wonderlab Comic — Rainy Day

  • 05 June 2012
  • Author: Sophie Lin

As winter begins in the southern hemisphere, Wonderlab looks at some of the many reasons chemists don't like rain

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  Rainy Day

Magazine: Wonderlab Comic — Lab Visit

  • 03 July 2012
  • Author: Sophie Lin

Wonderlab plays host to an eager young school student with an unexpected result

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  Lab Visit

Magazine: Wonderlab Comic — Open

  • 06 March 2012
  • Author: Sophie Lin

In every lab there are three cursed objects that should never be opened — Wonderlab is no different ...

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  Open

Magazine: Wonderlab Comic – Mass Spectrometry

  • 01 October 2013
  • Author: Sophie Lin

Jo learns how to obtain a mass spectrum

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  Mass Spectrometry

Magazine: Wonderlab Comic — Goggles

  • 03 May 2011
  • Author: Sophie Lin

Everything is back-to-front when an accident in Wonderlab turns Sophie into the safety monitor

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  Goggles

Magazine: Wonderlab Comic — Alcohol Lamp

  • 07 June 2011
  • Author: Sophie Lin

It's Gin-Jo's birthday in the Wonderlab and Sophie has arranged a little surprise

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  Alcohol Lamp

Magazine: Wonderlab Comic — Fire Alarm

  • 04 April 2011
  • Author: Sophie Lin

When the fire alarm rings in the Wonderlab – who is the first to safety and who is the cause?

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  Fire Alarm

Magazine: Wonderlab Comic – Secret Second Life

  • 04 September 2012
  • Author: Sophie Lin

Every object in the lab has a specific function. But in Wonderlab, when no one is looking, these objects can live a secret second life

thumbnail image: Wonderlab Comic  Secret Second Life
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