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Love Stories Among Chemists

14 February 2021 – Valentine's Day quiz about famous chemist couples

People Who Understand, Value, and Respect Chemistry

02 February 2021 – Professor D. Rabinovich, USA, on his interest in chemistry stamps, and what it takes to get people excited about chemistry

A European Chemist, If Not A World Citizen

19 January 2021 – Chemistry Europe Fellows award ceremony during the Corona pandemic


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Sir William Henry Perkin (1838 – 1907)

23 February 2021 – British chemist and entrepreneur, discoverer of the first synthetic organic dye and the Perkin reaction for the production of cinnamic acid and...


Screening for Macrocyclic Peptides

22 February 2021 – Dimeric cyclic peptides are potent modulators of ubiquitin, an apoptosis regulator


100th Anniversary: Death of William Odling

17 February 2021 – English chemist who contributed to the development of the periodic table and the concept of valence


Sensor and Detoxifier in One

05 February 2021 – Crystalline polymers for the rapid detection and efficient degradation of ozone


Next-Generation mRNA Vaccine Against COVID-19

05 February 2021 – GSK and CureVac start development immediately and plan vaccine availability in 2022


What Controls our Choice of Food? – Part 1

02 February 2021 – How food components interact with the GABA type A receptor and the search for neuroactive food ingredients

Research Highlight

Antimony Nanofilms as Optical Phase Changers

02 February 2021 – Phase transition of pure antimony allows state switching

Research Highlight

How Plant Roots Sense Compacted Soil

02 February 2021 – Restricted ethylene diffusion as a signal for plants


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thumbnail image: New Series of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

New Series of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

25 February 2021 – Benzo‐fused perylene oligomers with up to 13 linearly annulated rings

thumbnail image: Rapid Synthesis of Thiophosphate Superionic Conductors

Rapid Synthesis of Thiophosphate Superionic Conductors

24 February 2021 – Synthesis time reduced from over a day to hours

thumbnail image: Heusler Alloys in the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Heusler Alloys in the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

22 February 2021 – Electrocatalysts synthesized via an arc‐melting method


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thumbnail image: Why Do We Stink When We Eat Garlic

Why Do We Stink When We Eat Garlic?

The video shows how the smell is created and what influences it


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thumbnail image: Peter Roesky on the Art and Utility of Inorganic Synthesis

Peter Roesky on the Art and Utility of Inorganic Synthesis

Peter Roesky, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, explains the inspiration behind his research


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thumbnail image: How to Write Better Science Papers

How to Write Better Science Papers

Explaining scientific principles in simple and understandable language is a valuable skill: The video gives first tips


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thumbnail image: Angewandte Festsymposium David Leigh

Angewandte Festsymposium: David Leigh

Teaser for David Leigh's lecture at the Angewandte Festsymposium on Sept 11, 2017


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thumbnail image: 12 Tips for Referees

12 Tips for Referees

Some of the issues faced by reviewers, from the perspective of an editor's seat


thumbnail image: Thermische Analysegerate fur die Materialentwicklung und Qualitatskontrolle auf hochstem Niveau

Thermische Analysegeräte für die Materialentwicklung und Qualität...

23 February 2021 – Neue Modellreihe dynamischer Differenzkalorimeter für anspruchsvolle Analysen

Supplier: Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science GmbH

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