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Chemistry Highlights of 2018

30 December 2018 – Do you remember what has happened in research and industry?

Pyrethrum: History of a Bio-Insecticide – Part 1

02 October 2018 – Chrysanthemum flowers as an insecticide

Bringing Ethics in Chemistry to Universities

04 September 2018 – Dr. Jan Mehlich has recorded a unique online class on ethics in chemistry


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Behind the Science

Lead‐Free Semiconductors

17 January 2019 – C. Cobley, ChemNanoMat, talked to J. Vela, Iowa State University, USA, about his work on germanium-based semiconductor nanoparticles


Ammonia by Phosphorus Catalysis

16 January 2019 – Ammonia synthesis through electroreduction of nitrogen on black phosphorus nanosheets


Wiley and Projekt DEAL Partnership Pilots New Publishing Models

15 January 2019 – Wiley and Projekt DEAL partner to enhance the future of scholarly research and publishing in Germany

Event Highlight

BASF – Working Intensely on Eco-Efficiency

14 January 2019 – Martin Brudermüller presented the company’s ambitious strategies and R&D projects to reduce CO2 in future production processes


150th Birthday: Richard Abegg

09 January 2019 – Pioneer of valence theory known for Abegg's rule, a precursor to the octet rule

Research Highlight

Lost and Found: The Seven-Membered Cyclic Imino Ether Tetrahydrooxazepine

01 January 2019 – Newly found member of the class of cyclic imino ethers

Research Highlight

Uniform Nanocatalyst Works in Water

01 January 2019 – Spherical palladium(II) iodide nanoparticles with a double catalytic role

Behind the Science

Antibody‐Targeted Cancer Therapy

01 January 2019 – D. Peralta, ChemMedChem, talked to H.-S. Chong, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, about her work on antibody‐targeted cancer therapy


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thumbnail image: New NMR Method to Study Protein-Ligand Interactions

New NMR Method to Study Protein-Ligand Interactions

21 January 2019 – Simpler approach to identify protein NMR resonances in the binding pocket

thumbnail image: Syngas from Electroreduction of CO2

Syngas from Electroreduction of CO2

20 January 2019 – Zn-Cu alloy electrodes used as catalyst for the production of syngas with industrially relevant H2/CO ratios

thumbnail image: New Type of Ligand for Diabetes Treatment Target

New Type of Ligand for Diabetes Treatment Target

19 January 2019 – Cyanoacrylamide-containing ligand shows biological activity in cells and mice


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thumbnail image: Overview IYPT2019

Overview IYPT2019

01 January 2019 – Selected funny, serious, instructive, fascinating, surprising, ... projects around the periodic table


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thumbnail image: How to Write Better Science Papers

How to Write Better Science Papers

Explaining scientific principles in simple and understandable language is a valuable skill: The video gives first tips


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thumbnail image: Quiz Chemical Processes

Quiz: Chemical Processes

03 October 2017 – Do you remember which chemical process produces which substance?


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thumbnail image: Learn from Four Nobel Laureates

Learn from Four Nobel Laureates

13 September 2017 – View the lectures recorded at the Angewandte Festsymposium for free


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thumbnail image: Angewandte Festsymposium David Leigh

Angewandte Festsymposium: David Leigh

Teaser for David Leigh's lecture at the Angewandte Festsymposium on Sept 11, 2017


thumbnail image: 3_ Trennwandkolonnen Symposium

3. Trennwandkolonnen Symposium

07 December 2018 – Eine einmalige Möglichkeit, in einem kompakten Symposium von den Erfahrungen aus Forschung und Betrieb zu profitieren

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