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Air Liquide to Acquire Airgas


19 November 2015 – Air Liquide to acquire U.S.-based Airgas for U.S. $143 per share in cash

thumbnail image: Air Liquide to Acquire Airgas

Merck Completes Sigma-Aldrich Acquisition


19 November 2015 – Merck announced the completion of its $ 17 billion acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich

thumbnail image: Merck Completes Sigma-Aldrich Acquisition

Nanoparticles Catalyze Hydrogen Evolution


18 November 2015 – Cobalt ditelluride nanoparticles are an efficient electrocatalyst for electrochemical water reduction

thumbnail image: Nanoparticles Catalyze Hydrogen Evolution

Synthetic Biology Toolboxes for Cyanobacteria

Author: Anar Murphy

17 November 2015 – Controlling gene expression in cyanobacteria

thumbnail image: Synthetic Biology Toolboxes for Cyanobacteria

Fluorescent pH-Responsive Biosensor

Author: Jenna Pope

16 November 2015 – Hydrogel sensor using a thioflavin T cross-linker

thumbnail image: Fluorescent pH-Responsive Biosensor

Useful Vinyl Sulfides from Crude Oil


15 November 2015 – Efficient palladium-NHC catalyst for the conversion of thiols to vinyl sulfides

thumbnail image: Useful Vinyl Sulfides from Crude Oil

Capturing Radionuclides


14 November 2015 – Metal sulfide for the storage of cesium, strontium, and uranium from nuclear waste

thumbnail image: Capturing Radionuclides

Alternatives to Animal Testing


13 November 2015 – ECHA to require registrants to consider alternatives when submitting proposals to test on animals

thumbnail image: Alternatives to Animal Testing

BASF In Asia Pacific


12 November 2015 – Second phase of Innovation Campus Asia Pacific inaugurated, global research platform headquartered in Shanghai

thumbnail image: BASF In Asia Pacific

Why Curcumin is Brain Food

Author: Adrian Neal

11 November 2015 – Curcumin protects against neurodegeneration by redirecting protein aggregation towards nontoxic forms

thumbnail image: Why Curcumin is Brain Food

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