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Stable Citrus Aroma Found in Fried Chicken


15 July 2017 – Citral-like thiophenes identified

thumbnail image: Stable Citrus Aroma Found in Fried Chicken

Mobile Phone Without Battery


15 July 2017 – Cell phone only uses a few micro-watts of power and operates by harvesting energy from radio frequency (RF) signals

thumbnail image: Mobile Phone Without Battery

Real-Time Measurement of Glutathione


14 July 2017 – Reversible reaction-based fluorescent probe quantitatively monitors the real-time glutathione dynamics in living cells

thumbnail image: Real-Time Measurement of Glutathione

Highly Porous Carbon Made from Rice Husks


13 July 2017 – Carbonization of rice hulls with polytetrafluoroethylene powder gives useful material

thumbnail image: Highly Porous Carbon Made from Rice Husks

Afterglow Imaging In Vivo

Author: Charlotte Koschnick

12 July 2017 – Phosphorescent imaging with no need for real-time light excitation

thumbnail image: Afterglow Imaging In Vivo

Updated EU List of Substances of Concern


11 July 2017 – Perfluorohexane Sulfonic Acid (PFHxS) added to the Candidate List and several entries updated

thumbnail image: Updated EU List of Substances of Concern

Visible Light-Driven Carboxylation

Author: Li Grundl

10 July 2017 – Environmentally benign carboxylation of aryl halides with carbon dioxide using palladium/photoredox dual catalysts

thumbnail image: Visible Light-Driven Carboxylation

Antarctic Greenhouse


09 July 2017 – Plants grow more quickly and with higher yield in special artificial light, at ideal temperature, with selected nutrients, without soil

thumbnail image: Antarctic Greenhouse

Multi-Compartment Drug Release

Author: Lisa-Marie Rauschendorfer

08 July 2017 – Drug delivery system with three compartments, each releasing a drug at a different time

thumbnail image: Multi-Compartment Drug Release

Digital Change in the Chemical Industry


07 July 2017 – Evonik allocates € 100 million for digitalization and enters into cooperation with IBM and University of Duisburg-Essen

thumbnail image: Digital Change in the Chemical Industry

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