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Deadly Diesel Exhaust Gases


21 May 2017 – Nitrogen oxide emissions cause more than 100.000 deaths per year worldwide

thumbnail image: Deadly Diesel Exhaust Gases

Milk Byproducts against Rotavirus


20 May 2017 – Cow and sheep buttermilk neutralize virus that causes diarrhea

thumbnail image: Milk Byproducts against Rotavirus

Antimicrobial Polymers against Biofilms


19 May 2017 – Polycarbonates with broad-spectrum activity against microbes

thumbnail image: Antimicrobial Polymers against Biofilms

CWTS Leiden Ranking 2017


18 May 2017 – Assessing the scientific performance of over 900 universities based on bibliometric indicators

thumbnail image: CWTS Leiden Ranking 2017

Stable Dithiolene Radical


17 May 2017 – Non-innocent ligand forms stable anionic radical

thumbnail image: Stable Dithiolene Radical

LyondellBasell Builds Hyperzone PE Plant


16 May 2017 – Company breaks ground on the first commercial Hyperzone polyethylene (PE) plant at its La Porte, TX, USA, complex

thumbnail image: LyondellBasell Builds Hyperzone PE Plant

Fast Way to Germanium Nanowires


16 May 2017 – Low-temperature synthesis with high yields

thumbnail image: Fast Way to Germanium Nanowires

Synthesis of Tetraaza[8]circulenes


15 May 2017 – Fluorescent molecules made using nucleophilic aromatic substitution

thumbnail image: Synthesis of Tetraaza[8]circulenes

New Emulsifier from Sugar Beets


14 May 2017 – Natural extract from sugar beets as emulsier for food and beverages

thumbnail image: New Emulsifier from Sugar Beets

Merck Acquires Start-up with Retro-Synthesis Software


13 May 2017 – Grzybowski Scientific Inventions (GSI)’s Chematica can design chemically viable synthetic pathways for complex targets within seconds

thumbnail image: Merck Acquires Start-up with Retro-Synthesis Software

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