The online science news magazine ChemistryViews serves as a definitive resource for chemists and other scientists the world over. The magazine is owned by Chemistry Europe and published by Wiley-VCH.

ChemistryViews features updates on latest research and the chemical industry; articles from leading scientists; interviews, videos including educational and commercial content, as well as weekly and monthly newsletters (send out every Thursday and the first Tuesday of the month).

An audience of over 50,000 registered users is shared across channels for the various branches of chemistry: Organic, Inorganic, Industrial, Biological, Analytical, Physical, Nano, Catalysis, Energy, Sustainability, Water, Pharma/Healthcare, Materials, Food, Education, etc.

Specific monthly e-newsletters go out to subscribers for the organic chemistry, nanotechnology, catalytic, and pharmaceutical subject areas. Unique visitors per month are currently running at 80,000 per month split almost one-third each between the Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA regions. (Data from January 2020)

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