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Worldwide Intellectual Property Service


16 June 2014 – The five largest Intellectual Property (IP) offices in the world discussed how to further increase co-operation

thumbnail image: Worldwide Intellectual Property Service

Making Music Using Water Droplets

Author: Veronika Belusa

15 June 2014 – Droplets can be controlled so precisely that they become musical instruments

thumbnail image: Making Music Using Water Droplets

Nanoparticles Against HIV

Author: Melania Tesio

14 June 2014 – Perfluorocarbonate nanoparticles delivering melittin as a novel anti-HIV strategy

thumbnail image: Nanoparticles Against HIV

One Patent Every 18 Hours


13 June 2014 – SABIC is the largest owner of intellectual property in the Middle East

thumbnail image: One Patent Every 18 Hours

Fuel Cell for Homeuse

Author: Veronika Belusa (Picture: © Fraunhofer IKTS)

12 June 2014 – Fraunhofer and Vaillant, Germany, have developed a simple fuel cell for home use

thumbnail image: Fuel Cell for Homeuse

Desalination – A Difficult Task!

Author: Lisa-Marie Rauschendorfer

11 June 2014 – Bioethanol production from delactosed whey permeate is enhanced by upstream desalination techniques

thumbnail image: Desalination – A Difficult Task!

Vitamin E: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Author: Melania Tesio

09 June 2014 – Depending on its form, vitamin E exerts opposite effects on the lung function

thumbnail image: Vitamin E: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Tackling Taxol

Author: Vikki Cantrill

08 June 2014 – An efficient synthesis of the tricyclic core of Taxol has been developed

thumbnail image: Tackling Taxol

Break the Limit on NMR Sensitivity

Author: Xin Su

07 June 2014 – A new spin polarization transfer approach breaks the conventional limit set on the enhancement of NMR sensitivity

thumbnail image: Break the Limit on NMR Sensitivity

High Cholesterol: An Obstacle to Pregnancy

Author: Melania Tesio

07 June 2014 – Elevated concentrations of cholesterol in the blood circulation are associated to a reduced fecundity

thumbnail image: High Cholesterol: An Obstacle to Pregnancy

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