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Less Energy from Wind


05 September 2015 – Large wind farms slow down the wind and generate less electricity than previously thought

thumbnail image: Less Energy from Wind

Hydrogen As Fuel


03 September 2015 – New method for producing hydrogen from diesel and biodiesel directly on site at conventional filling stations

thumbnail image: Hydrogen As Fuel

Covestro: Formerly Bayer MaterialScience


03 September 2015 – Bayer MaterialScience is legally separated and officially renamed Covestro

thumbnail image: Covestro: Formerly Bayer MaterialScience

When Air Filters Aren’t Enough

Author: Nancy McGuire

03 September 2015 – Outdoor landscaping can cause particulate problems inside offices

thumbnail image: When Air Filters Aren’t Enough

Osmium Under Record Pressure


02 September 2015 – Unchanged crystal structure and intriguing core electron interactions under extreme pressures

thumbnail image: Osmium Under Record Pressure

Future Supply of Helium

Author: Thomas Hinger

01 September 2015 – New sources of helium may be in the western mountain regions of North America

thumbnail image: Future Supply of Helium

Detecting Fracking Wastewater

Author: Veronika Belusa

01 September 2015 – Simple on-site detection of fracking wastewater by its characteristically high levels of bromide

thumbnail image: Detecting Fracking Wastewater

Medicine Inspired by Sandcastle Worms

Author: Lisa-Marie Rauschendorfer

31 August 2015 – A two-step medical glue for surgeries is developed – inspired by the secretion mechanism of sandcastle worms

thumbnail image: Medicine Inspired by Sandcastle Worms

Health Hazards of Barbecue Fumes

Author: Veronika Belusa

30 August 2015 – Potential health risk associated with barbecue-fume exposure in outdoor barbecuing settings

thumbnail image: Health Hazards of Barbecue Fumes

Lemon Juice Against Intestinal Infections


29 August 2015 – Citrate modifies the morphology of norovirus particles

thumbnail image: Lemon Juice Against Intestinal Infections

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