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Dow Jones Sustainability Indices 2017


08 September 2017 – Global index tracking the financial performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide

thumbnail image: Dow Jones Sustainability Indices 2017

World University Rankings 2018


06 September 2017 – University of Oxford keeps top spot in Times Higher Education university ranking

thumbnail image: World University Rankings 2018

Self-Healing Conductive Polymers

Author: Charlotte Koschnick

05 September 2017 – Water-enabled healing of the organic conductive polymer PEDOT:PSS

thumbnail image: Self-Healing Conductive Polymers

A Mild Iodinating Agent


04 September 2017 – 2,2,-Diiododimedone allows selective sythesis of α-iodoketones

thumbnail image: A Mild Iodinating Agent

Rechargeable Zinc-Manganese Dioxide Batteries


03 September 2017 – Acidic zinc triflate electrolyte improves cycling stability

thumbnail image: Rechargeable Zinc-Manganese Dioxide Batteries

Iron-Chelating Micelles

Author: Lisa-Marie Rauschendorfer

02 September 2017 – Mulitfunctional micelles for simultaneous monitoring and chelation of iron in living cells

thumbnail image: Iron-Chelating Micelles

DowDuPont Merger Completed


01 September 2017 – Company moves forward toward separation into agriculture, materials science, and specialty products companies

thumbnail image: DowDuPont Merger Completed

Only Untreated Hair for Alcohol Tests

Author: Lisa-Marie Rauschendorfer

01 September 2017 – Not only bleaching, but also temporary coloring influences the ethyl glucuronide content in human hair

thumbnail image: Only Untreated Hair for Alcohol Tests

Nanowire Coating for Self-Cleaning Glass


31 August 2017 – Low-cost titania nanowire coating for an enhanced water sheeting effect

thumbnail image: Nanowire Coating for Self-Cleaning Glass

Dow to Grow Share in Sadara JV


30 August 2017 – Dow plans to increases ownership from Saudi Aramco in Sadara to 50 %

thumbnail image: Dow to Grow Share in Sadara JV

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