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Organic Edible Electronics for Point-of-Care Testing

Author: Charlotte Koschnik

06 March 2018 – Fabrication of edible electronic devices using temporary tattoo paper

thumbnail image: Organic Edible Electronics for Point-of-Care Testing

Better Cas9 for CRISPR Gene-Editing


04 March 2018 – Improved Cas9 protein could work on more sites in the genome with fewer unwanted effects

thumbnail image: Better Cas9 for CRISPR Gene-Editing

Platinum Drugs Also Bind to Proteins

Author: Meghan Campbell

03 March 2018 – Photoactivated platinum complexes shown to react with peptides, not just DNA

thumbnail image: Platinum Drugs Also Bind to Proteins

E-Cigarettes Cause DNA Damage

Author: Meghan Campbell

27 February 2018 – Nicotine and its derivatives can damage DNA when vaporized and inhaled

thumbnail image: E-Cigarettes Cause DNA Damage

Antimicrobial Nanofiber Mats


22 February 2018 – Core-sheath structure improves mechanical properties of electrospun mats

thumbnail image: Antimicrobial Nanofiber Mats

CRISPR Patents for Merck


21 February 2018 – Patents in South Korea and Israel cover integration of an external DNA sequence into the chromosome of eukaryotic cells

thumbnail image: CRISPR Patents for Merck

New Antibiotic Discovered

Author: Marek Czykanski

21 February 2018 – Isolated from soil bacteria, the drug class acts against the hospital germ MRSA

thumbnail image: New Antibiotic Discovered

Bacteria Attack Competing Species

Author: Meghan Campbell

17 February 2018 – Bacteria develop chemicals to attack the metabolism of their closest relatives

thumbnail image: Bacteria Attack Competing Species

Chinese Lanterns/中国灯笼


16 February 2018 – In the traditional Chinese calendar, the year of the Dog starts today

thumbnail image: Chinese Lanterns/中国灯笼

Turning Up the Heat on Cholesterol

Author: Meghan Campbell

07 February 2018 – Targeting thermal-responsive Ca channels with CuS nanoparticles to prevent arterial plaques

thumbnail image: Turning Up the Heat on Cholesterol

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