1st International School in Photocatalysis and Biocatalysis (PHOTOCAT24)

Advanced training aimed at Ph.D. students, post-docs, and young researchers in the fields of sustainability such as photochemistry and biocatalysis, both in academic and industrial contexts.

PHOTOCAT24 aims to foster collaboration between academia and industry by establishing a European network for advanced training in sustainable chemistry. It will serve as the inaugural edition of a biennial series, with each edition hosted in the venues of the Scientific Committee members, including Luca Dell’Amico in Padua, Italy; Shoubik Das at the University of Antwerp, Belgium; Rene Königs at RWTH Aachen University, Germany; Bartholomäus Pieber at ISTA, Austria; Marcos Garcia Suero at ICIQ, Spain; and Olalla Vazquez at Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany.

The primary objective of PHOTOCAT24 is to bridge the gap between academia and industry by educating a new generation of researchers in the field of green chemistry which uses sustainable sources such as sunlight and biocatalysts. By incorporating an international perspective and holding the event biennially, the initiative will contribute to the sustainable development of the regional chemical system and create ripple effects at the national and European levels. Additionally, the establishment of a European network through PHOTOCAT24 will facilitate collaborative projects and promote the mobility of young researchers involved in the program.

Sixteen distinguished speakers will deliver their expertise through twelve lectures, with each session chaired by members of the Scientific and Organizing Committees. The event will also feature two poster presentation sessions, providing participants with an opportunity to showcase their research. A committee comprising members from the Organizing and Scientific Committees, as well as the speakers, will carefully evaluate the contributions and select the most impactful ones. These selected researchers will have the chance to present their findings through short oral presentations. Furthermore, the same committee will identify the top three oral presentations for recognition and awards.


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